09 February 2010

poems and such...

I love collecting poems or quotes...I often times am enthralled by them because it's a talent I can't quite master.  Once upon a time I wrote a poem to my love and surprise, surprise!...I couldn't believe that I wrote it.  I'll share my poem bellow only to show you that anything is possible if you take a moment and reflect on the love you have for your spouse.  You will become a poet in more ways then one, trust me!!!  So take a moment from your busy day and create your own masterpiece.  This will be a great token to present to your Valentine!

All Encompassing Love

Your love is like a babies lullaby
that carries me to undiscovered lands of enchanted dreams.

Your love is like a bubbling brook
that strokes and polishes all that is beneath and above, until it has left its touch on every smoothed surface.

Your love is like a child’s laughter
that is infectious music which brings a twinkle to my eye and a giggle to my lips.

Your love is like a windstorm
that blows here and there, making the leaves dance with its presence.

Your love is like a favorite pair of jeans
that hug all the right curves and camouflage all the imperfections accentuating your true beauty.

Your love is like a shooting star
that catches your eye when you least expect it; through the observation you are awed and mystified.

Your love is like a used book
so well read yet enthralling with every turn of the page.  The story always shines with new luster as the words course through your veins, syllable by syllable until you are hooked.

You love is like a day at the beach
the break of the tide is sweet swooshing in your ears.  The waves encircle you and pull you in without any force or demands.  The contact of the sand tickles your feet and clings to every part of your being.

Your love
is a promise of all things past, present, and future.
Your love
is a gift of experiences created and experiences yet to come.
Your love
is an expression in great things that are accomplished by small things.
Your love
is a breath that fills my lungs and whispers a beat to my heart.
Your love
is a mirror that constantly reflects
Your love
in all the world around me. 

03 February 2010

Streamers Galore-Gift Idea

It's about that time where you need to think outside the box...flowers, chocolates, and kisses are nice but changing it up a little bit is always fun.  This is an easy way to say "I Love You!!!"   Tape heart shapes to ends of  pink, white, red, and grey streamers.  Then tape the non-heart side of the streamer to the bottom of the garage door.  As your spouse opens the garage door they will be greeted with a lovely surprise.  xoxo