29 January 2013

05. Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever AFter

 Passionate Bedrooms

05.  Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After

(Source: Lacy Bella)

I love wall art and you'll be seeing a ton of them in this section.  How cute is this little sentence "Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After."  imagine resting your head under this every night!  Love it!!!

If you like surprising your hubby this would be a great Valentine's gift that the two of you can enjoy!

28 January 2013

06. Minty Fresh

Pucker Up Baby

06.  Minty Fresh

How many times have you gone in for a kiss and have thought, "I hope my breath is alright?lol. We've all done it!!! We should all practice good oral hygiene: brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, gargle with mouth wash, floss, etc.  Before locking lips grab a piece of gum, eat a mint (be careful some mints leave your breath smelling worse), spray a mist of breath freshener, swish a swig of mouth wash, or drink a glass of water.  Water, what???  Water will help freshen your breath, doesn't leave an aftertaste, and will make your breath inviting!  Now go on, get your breath fresh and minty, and chase down your sweetheart for a lip locking fest!


11 January 2013

05. Smooth As Butter

 Play Dress Up

05.  Smooth As Butter

You know that peanut butter you have in your pantry?  Well, it's time to get it out and use it for some frisky action.  Peanut butter is a yummy alternative to chocolate paint.  Spread it on all the naughty parts you like to nibble.   This is great for foreplay and for making skin silky soft if used as a body scrub.  Enjoy experimenting and playing around. 

 Word of advice, don't insert this anywhere, makes for some nasty infections!  

09 January 2013

15. Only One

 Fall in Love Mix

15. Only One by Yellowcard

"Here I go, scream my lungs out and try and get to you.  You are my only one, I won't let go there's just no one like you, you are my only one."

One and only is the best phrase ever!!! 

07 January 2013

05. Back of the Neck

Pucker Up Baby

05.  Back of the Neck

Do you want to get your woman in the mood?  One of the easiest ways to do that is by kissing her on the back of the neck.  This works amazingly when you do it by surprise.  When she's cooking dinner, typing away on the computer, or getting all dolled up, sneak up from behind quietly, smoothly move her hair to the side off her neck, and kiss her there.  Soon she'll forget whatever she's doing and will only be thinking about your tempting kisses! 


04 January 2013

05. Tantrums and Cold Shoulders

 Bringing Sexy Back

05.  Tantrum and Cold Shoulders

If one of you is not in the mood, then the other should not Nag, complain, whine, throw a tantrum, give the cold shoulder, or bully the other into the sack. This will harm your lovemaking in more ways then one, you will not get the satisfaction you need from lovemaking and it will ruin your bedroom play from here on out!!!

03 January 2013

05. Asparagus

 Feed Your Sex Drive

05. Asparagus

Nicholas Culpepper, an English herbalist from the 17th century, wrote that asparagus "stirs up lust in man and woman."  In France during the 19th century bridegrooms were served three courses of the sexy spears at their prenuptial dinner.  Asparagus is a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, fiber, vitamins A and C, folic acid, and thiamin.  Folic Acid is said to boost histamine production that is necessary to reach an orgasm for males and females. 

02 January 2013

Nail You

 Glitter In The Air

I Want To Nail You

Valentines is around the corner and there are so many cute ideas out there.  One that I just happened to stumble upon on Pinterest and fall in love with is that naughty card by Jared Andrew Schorr 

I couldn't find a tutorial or free printable with this so you'll just have to make your own.  Get a little crafty and you can come up with a few ideas.  Write this little note with a gift of a toolbelt, nails, a hammer, or toolkit.  I'm sure you can come up with a few other gifts too!   Whatever gift you choose, or just the note alone, your hubby is going to love this!!!

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE

01 January 2013

Resolutions 13. Money, Money, Money

 New Beginnings

I know some of you are go getters and want to be just a little better than all the rest of us.  This extra resolution is for those over achievers who just want to go the extra mile. 

13.  Money is often a huge matter of tension in a relationship.  Stop fighting about money and make a realistic budget that you can stick to.  A great tip that I've used is making envelopes for different spending items, such as groceries, date nights, home supplies, birthdays, hygiene, lunch, gas, medical, clothes, etc.  Decide together how much you are allowed to spend for each item during a one month period.  Place the decided amount of money into each envelope for spending during the month.  Make a deal to only use what is in the envelopes as your spending money, no more cards or checks.   Save your receipts and tally the spending amounts on the envelope.  Write deductions on the envelopes to help you keep track.  At the end of the month evaluate and make adjustments for the following month.   When you actually have your money in hand, you will find that you are more frugal with your spending.  Which means you will save money and fight less!!!

There are 12 or 13 (for the go getters) to focus on during the year.  Take one resolution a month and work on it.  Ring in the new year by improving your relationship this year.

As the year progresses I will post a resolution each month to remind you about your goals and to make each other a priority!

Happy New Year!!!  I love the promises of the New Year.  I always feel like I've got a fresh start with unlimited possibilities.  I hope you look forward to all that is to come with your spouse during this New Year!

Now go start the New Year off right with an intimate party for just the two of you!!!

Resolutions 12. Stop Being So Serious

 New Beginnings

12.  Don't take yourself too seriously.  Don't forget to laugh.  Remember how you used to laugh at each other's jokes and life seemed to be light hearted? Don't lose your sense of humor, even when it comes to problem solving.  Laughter is the best medicine. 

Resolutions 11. Fight Fair

 New Beginnings 

11. Learn how to fight fairly. Conflict is inevitable.  How you fight can be the difference between lifelong relationship growth and divorce.  Learn how to have constructive conversations about heated issues. 

Resolutions 10. From the Heart

 New Beginnings

10.  Speak from the heart frequently.  Regular discussions about personal emotional issues makes people feel closer and more connected. 

Resolutions 09. Brag

 New Beginnings

09.  Brag about your spouse in their presence.  We should say all the good things we think about our spouse so they hear our thoughts.  Speaking about your spouse in front of others shows your spouse that you are proud of them and that makes them feel good about their accomplishments as your spouse. 

Resolutions 08. Flirting

 New Beginnings

08.  Touch, flirt, and have sex often.  Remember what it was like during your honeymoon years.  Press the rewind button and pretend you're newlyweds and enjoy the sizzle. 

Resolutions 07. Happy Sleeping

 New Beginnings

07.  Don't go to sleep angry.  This is not always easy, especially when you think you are right.  But if you can really let go and say sorry before you go to sleep, you will wake to a fresh start in the morning.  

Resolutions 06. Three Things

 New Beginnings

06.  Tell your spouse three things you appreciate about them every day.  Focus on what you enjoy about your spouse and what works in your relationship. 

Resolutions 05. 10 Minutes

 New Beginnings

05.  Spend at least 10 minutes every day checking in with each other with no distractions.  Don't let the day pass without finding out how your spouse is doing.

Resolution 04. Get Healthy

New Beginnings 

04.  Make a goal to get healthy together. Eat cleaner, shape up at the gym, or get your heart pumping with evening walks. Take 30 minutes or even an hour out of each day to focus on health. You will look better on the outside and feel better on the inside. This will help to strengthen your physical relationship and your mental relationship. It will affect you both in more ways then you can imagine. Oh and of course this will help to rev up your love life in the sack as well!!!