01 January 2013

Resolutions 13. Money, Money, Money

 New Beginnings

I know some of you are go getters and want to be just a little better than all the rest of us.  This extra resolution is for those over achievers who just want to go the extra mile. 

13.  Money is often a huge matter of tension in a relationship.  Stop fighting about money and make a realistic budget that you can stick to.  A great tip that I've used is making envelopes for different spending items, such as groceries, date nights, home supplies, birthdays, hygiene, lunch, gas, medical, clothes, etc.  Decide together how much you are allowed to spend for each item during a one month period.  Place the decided amount of money into each envelope for spending during the month.  Make a deal to only use what is in the envelopes as your spending money, no more cards or checks.   Save your receipts and tally the spending amounts on the envelope.  Write deductions on the envelopes to help you keep track.  At the end of the month evaluate and make adjustments for the following month.   When you actually have your money in hand, you will find that you are more frugal with your spending.  Which means you will save money and fight less!!!

There are 12 or 13 (for the go getters) to focus on during the year.  Take one resolution a month and work on it.  Ring in the new year by improving your relationship this year.

As the year progresses I will post a resolution each month to remind you about your goals and to make each other a priority!

Happy New Year!!!  I love the promises of the New Year.  I always feel like I've got a fresh start with unlimited possibilities.  I hope you look forward to all that is to come with your spouse during this New Year!

Now go start the New Year off right with an intimate party for just the two of you!!!

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