28 January 2013

06. Minty Fresh

Pucker Up Baby

06.  Minty Fresh

How many times have you gone in for a kiss and have thought, "I hope my breath is alright?lol. We've all done it!!! We should all practice good oral hygiene: brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, gargle with mouth wash, floss, etc.  Before locking lips grab a piece of gum, eat a mint (be careful some mints leave your breath smelling worse), spray a mist of breath freshener, swish a swig of mouth wash, or drink a glass of water.  Water, what???  Water will help freshen your breath, doesn't leave an aftertaste, and will make your breath inviting!  Now go on, get your breath fresh and minty, and chase down your sweetheart for a lip locking fest!


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