29 March 2013

01. Get Gussied Up

Please tell me you are enjoying these new sections!!!  I'm hoping you are all jumping for joy because I've got a new section coming your way.  

Date night is fun, exciting, bonding, rejuvenating, and so many other wonderful verbs!  One important thing about date night is feeling sexy.  You can't leave home without the sexy or date night turns out flat.  Spice things up with Frisky Business.  It's time to bring sexy back into date night!  Stick around and you'll learn a few tips on how to get those ooey gooey feelings stirring!

Frisky Business

01. Get Gussied Up

The best medicine to feeling instantly sexy is dressing in something that makes you feel beautiful darling, just beautiful! Getting gussied up will make you feel beautiful inside and out.  When the two of you are looking good and smelling good it increases your value, confidence, mood, and sexiness.  Not only will you feel hot but you will think your partner is smashing and this will kick date night up a notch or two!  

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28 March 2013

01. Share Your Fantasies

Sex begins in the brain!  We all know this is true!  So why aren't more of us fantasizing with our partners?  Maybe it's because we are hesitant, unsure if our partners want to join in, or we don't know how to start.  Don't turn away from the idea just because you are a little shy, there is good reason to fantasize!   Fantasy, whether it just stays in your brain, it's talked about with your spouse, or it's acted out (yippie!), is a simple way to rekindle that flame and add a ton of spice to your bedroom life!  Best of all it's fun, easy, and free!!!

Spank It 

01.  Share Your Fantasies

So it seems that many couples find themselves wondering what they can do to initiate fantasies without feeling silly. The first thing the two of you need is confidence, trust, and an open communication space.  You're together because you love each other inside and out. He wants your body as much as you want his.  So there's nothing to be shy about!

The second thing you need is to share your fantasies. This talk should happen out of the blue like maybe after dinner one night. Start off the conversation with a few compliments: "I love you and I really love the sex that we have," or "I want to make love with you more often because I love it." or "I would like to try role-playing, can we share our fantasies," Then say, "What types of fantasies would you be interested in trying?" Give your spouse a day to think of some ideas.

The next night during dinner ask specific questions and share your answers to these questions as well: What types of fantasies interest you?  Let them know that you really like sex and you have enjoyed these aspects of sex together (point out things that you've done together that you want to continue to include in your fantasies) and follow it up with a steamy sex session you had that included one of those points. Discover fantasies that you are both interested in and make a plan to fulfill them. 

I know that was a lot of information but I wanted to give you some specifics. If you are like me the more specific the details the more direction I have! You will be glad you have this talk because now both of you have a road map of your each other's fantasy world, their likes and dislikes. You will know what direction you should take when role-playing. This should give you confidence in getting started. So what are you waiting for, go get fantasizing!!!

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27 March 2013

Easter Love Cards

 Glitter In The Air

These are darling and I love the Peep Show card.  The work is completely done for you.   All you need to do is slip these inside plastic eggs and make him join the hunt or hide them in all his favorite spots around the house.  He will love these!!!! 

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26 March 2013

01. Initiate, Initiate, Initiate

Have you jumped on the Sexting wagon yet?  If so, you've captured the beauty of it!  If not, it's time to get started!!!  

Sexting is like phone sex but instead of getting physical you type, send pictures, and imagine your honey being with you!   It's way efficient and a sexy form of foreplay.  It's a great way for couples to create a little tension, keep things interesting, keep them anticipating, and try out new concepts. 

Of course there are a few rules: start slowly, beware of boundaries and respect them, tune into cues from your sweetheart, and make sure you enjoy it!  Ok, I'll be the first to say sexting is silly, but aren't most sexual acts?  Once you get started you are going to be hooked because it is a great way to be playful, relieve sexual tension, spice things up, and long for each other all day! 

This new little section is going to help spark some sexting ideas for girls and guys.  I'm not letting anyone miss out on learning a trick or two!  The idea is to give you sexting tips such as sexts to use and tips for photo ideas.  For you sexting pro's, don't run away, you might just learn something too!  Feel free to share your great ideas with us too!!!

Sext It Up  

01.  Initiate, Initiate, Initiate

First, take a few deep breaths and build up just a tiny bit of courage.  You are thinking this is going to be a lot harder then it actually is.  This first step is going to be the easiest!  Now you're asking, "How are you going to make this easy?"  You've already slept with your spouse right?  Now think about the last time you had amazing sex.  Some of you might be drawing a blank because you can't remember that far back (I hope this is only true for a few of you!!!), then think about something you enjoyed about the last time you had sex.  

Sext #1:  I can't stop thinking about____________________ (the last time the two of you had amazing, enjoyable, or plain old sex) !

Now give them a chance to respond.  Hopefully they will say something like oh me too.  Then you follow with #2. 

Sext #2: Ohhh, especially ________________ (be specific, mention something you loved).

From this point on just let the conversation flow.  Bring up specific things you want to do again and when you want to do it!

See that wasn't so hard, right?  A little SOMETHIN', SOMETHIN' (*wink) as simple as this will get the ball rolling.   If you've got tips to break the ice, share them!!! 

Happy sexting you two!!! 

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25 March 2013

23. Celebrate Success

Fight For Your Love

23.  Celebrate Success

Cherish the little accomplishments that your spouse achieves.  Be there to support and encourage each other to go after their dreams and aim for the stars.  Share with your spouse how glad you are about any success they enjoy.

One way to celebrate successes is by giving Love Cash every time they accomplish a task.  Trust me, they will be looking forward to continually doing better!

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22 March 2013

06. Fixsation Couples Vibe

 Grown Up Toys

This little vibrator is worn with a crotchless sexy panty which means it's hands free.  It has three speed settings, lasts up to 2 hours with one charge, and the panty comes in your size.   All you do is strap on the panty, place the vibe just where you want it, set the setting, and let the fun begin.  This vibe was meant to increase your pleasure with your spouses body weight hitting the vibrator.  It's best when used in the missionary or cowgirl position.  The two of you can enjoy the vibrations as you focus and enjoy each other without worrying about holding a vibrator.  

Drive your man wild by pairing these sexy crotchless panties with a BabyDoll Teddy and a pair Thigh Highs.

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21 March 2013

01. Lovin' Bank

 Hoorah to new sections!!!  This new section will challenge you every month with a new idea, tip, suggestion, etc. and is going to make you challenge yourself, maybe at times even try something new.  We challenge ourselves in all sorts of areas of our lives, why not our sex life too?  

Sustaining a healthy sex life takes work especially when we are constantly bombarded with obstacles or busy schedules that get in the way.  Sex is an important component in successful relationships, it's what makes your marriage sparkle and shimmer.  Intimacy is a part of our relationship that we need to embrace completely! 

Most of us are searching for a magic pill that will increase our health, stamina, and happiness.  You know what's coming next, right?! Sex provides all of those benefits!  Take a moment and search the web, you will find study after study showing that couples who are regularly intimate are healthier, happier, and more satisfied. 

There is an old little story that says if you put a penny in a jar each time you have sex during the first year of a committed relationship, and then take a penny out each time you have sex after the first year, you will never empty the jar.  Isn't that sad and maybe a little unbelievable?  Yet, you and I know from talking with our friends this story is true more often then not.  

Today you are going to make this penny story a thing of the past in your life by taking these sex challenges, bringing back those early feelings of butterflies, animal attraction, and euphoric love.  

Stop giving yourself excuses, you don't have to experience a stress free day, wait for that perfect moment, or be totally relaxed in order to even think about sex.  In order to find those perfect moments, have sex, you'll discover those naturally releasing stress releasers and relaxants that come from having sex.  While you are having sex chemicals such as oxytocin, the love hormone, and vasopressin are released and increase the bond between a couple, relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and evoke feelings of contentment and security!

Now that all our excuses are put aside and we see the many benefits of "doing it," you're ready to jump right in and start todays challenge! 

Sex Challenges

01.  Lovin' Bank

Each time you have sex place a certain amount of money into a designated Lovin' Bank, you decide on the amount, it could be a penny, a dollar, or five dollars.  You decide how you want to celebrate your lovin' cash!   Save this money up for an anniversary, a vacation, a Christmas fund, a huge date night, or a new bedroom toy.

My one word of advice do not throw in "I Owe You's" into your bank.  Always have cash on hand for all your lucky moments! 

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19 March 2013

06. Bananas

 Feed Your Sex Drive

06.  Bananas

Everything about the shape of the banana says it all!  

Bananas are loaded with potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins.  They also contain chelating minerals and the bromeliad enzyme, said to enhance the male sex drive. 

Yummy Banana Recipes for the Two of You

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18 March 2013

05. Some Bunny Loves You

Wrapped Up With Love

05.  Some Bunny Loves You

Did you know Easter is in March this year, are you READY?  When we think of easter baskets we think of kids, right?!  This year give the two of you a basket to celebrate the special day!

We all know that bunnies are more than cute little furry things, they are symbols of sexuality thank you to Playboy!  This basket is going to make you feel yummy in more ways then one! 

1.  Purchase an alluring Sexy Bunny Costume or a Naughty Bunny Costume.

2. Grab a pair of Bunny Briefs

3.  Include a small bottle of honey, attach it to the lingerie, and tie a note around it. It could say, "You're my honey bunny."  

4.  Chocolate Dipped Peeps and Smore's Peeps

5.  Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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15 March 2013

01. Four Times As Long

Yay, for new sections!!!  This little section is for all of you who like facts and fun tidbits.  Sex Talk will teach you a few facts about why you should be getting it on!

Sex Talk

01.  Four Times As Long

Orgasms for women last almost four times as long as men's.  This is a huge benefit for women!!!  Take a peek at Healthy and Strong for a few more tips on why the big "O" is important.  The average male orgasm lasts a glorious 6 seconds, while the average female orgasm lasts a euphoric 20 seconds, as stated in the book Scared Sh*tless: 1,003 Facts That Will Scare the Sh*t Out of You.  If you are lucky you can test this little fact out tonight! 

Ladies it is your responsibility to get you to that euphoric state and gentlemen don't end your love making without getting her there.  The best way to learn about what get's her over the edge is to follow the Nike motto "Just Do It."

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13 March 2013

16. Everybody Talks

 Fall In Love Mix

16.  Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

"Hey baby, won't you look my way I could be your new addiction...Hey honey you could be my drug you could be my new prescription...Everybody talks, everybody talks tooo much, it started with a whisper, that was when I kissed her, and then she made my lips hurt, I can hear the chit chat take me to your love shack..."

Forget all the talking...just make-out already!!!!

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12 March 2013

05. Say Cheese!

 Talk Dirty To Me

05. Say Cheese! 

All dirty talk is cheesy, it is what it is!!!  So, get cheesy, go with it, and don't worry your pretty little head about it!

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11 March 2013

45. Disrupting Meds

 Bedroom Eyes

45.  Disrupting Meds

Some medications such as blood pressure medications, birth control pills, and antidepressants can blunt your sex drive.  If you haven't been feeling as in the mood as you want, talk to your doctor.  Find out if your prescription could be putting a halt to all your frisky business.   You might be able to to lower the dosage or switch to a different medication to put that oomp back in your libido. 

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06 March 2013

44. Squeaky Clean

Bedroom Eyes

44.  Squeaky Clean

Remember those days when you were going steady and you would prepare for date night by showering, brushing your teeth, putting on clean undies, and making sure every inch of you smelled delightful? The moment you got married, you might have seen a decline in these hygiene habits and that is yucky news!  No one wants to go to bed with a stinky and dirty partner (unless that's your thing).  We want to kiss a minty fresh mouth not dingy dank ones.  The moral of the story, keep up on your hygiene:  shower daily, brush your teeth, use mouth wash, use toilettes to clean down there, and use deodorant to get yourself fresh and squeaky clean!!!

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01 March 2013

06. No More Pajamas

Bringing Sexy Back

06.  No More Pajamas

I've mentioned this before and I'm sure to mention it over and over again...It's not ok to let yourself go once you get married!!! Men and women are equally guilty of this. Just because you snagged your spouse it doesn't mean they no longer care about what you look like. They love you for what you are on the inside as well as what you are on the outside. If you feel it's ok to let yourself go you will find that this is a one-way ticket to problems with your sex life. If you become aloof and no longer make the effort to be attractive for your spouse, they could become disinterested in having sex with you. 

 Keep your sex life steamy by maintaining or improving your looks. So this means no more flannel pajamas in bed! When you slip into bed wear something that she thinks you look sexy in. To her you could be sexy in that T-shirt she loves to see you wear and snuggle up to you in, your tight briefs that show off your bum, or nothing at all! This advice goes for the wife as well. Wear what he thinks you look sexy in. Don't be caught dead going to bed covered up from head to toe. Hopefully this will encourage each of you to put some imagination into your sleepwear! 

Now don't get discouraged if you don't look like Barbie or Ken!  Your spouse is only asking that you try your best to take care of yourself. If you are constantly worried about needing to look perfect at all times take a peek at this little tip --> You Deserve Good Sex.

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