05 November 2012

41. You Deserve Good Sex

Bedroom Eyes

41.  You Deserve Good Sex

Your spouse doesn't care if you haven't lost your baby weight, if certain body parts sag, if you have a huge zit on your forehead, of if you've got cellulite for miles on end.   All of these things preoccupy our minds, making us self-concious, or placing limits on ourselves sexually.  Those thoughts about our imperfections don't matter.  

When your in bed and making love, your spouse isn't thinking about the cellulite on your legs or the zit on your forehead.  Your partner isn't worried about your little imperfections.  Those things are the farthest from their minds.  Most times, you are sensually BEAUTIFUL to them during intimate moments.  

Besides, you need to remind yourself that your partner isn't perfect either.  Let all those inhibitions go and remember you deserve good sex no matter what!!!

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