07 November 2012

02. Sexts and Such

 Talk Dirty To Me

02. Sexts and Such

Now that you've talked about dirty talk and have figured out what works for your relationship, you can now start doing it!  If you are a little wary as to how to start than you might want to start slow with sexts, emails, notes, and voicemails!  It's often less embarrassing or intimidating to write or say something rather than doing it when face to face.  Star with something small and send the message when you are not around when they read it, this will help you feel less embarrassed.  Start with a short message mentioning the amazing romp you had last night and how you can't stop thinking about getting more of ____________ (fill in with whatever action you liked) tonight.  Before they leave to work slip a steamy note into their wallet, pocket, or briefcase.  You get the idea.  Soon you'll be sending bolder messages as your confidence builds.  Before you know it you'll be sending naughty pictures and wondering why you didn't do this a long time ago! 

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