30 November 2012

04. Sexier You

 Bringing Sexy Back

04.  Sexier You

Ladies...Are there days when you put on your makeup and think, "I look really pretty today!'? Do you have days where you feel like you can put anything on and rock it? Have you found yourself having days where you feel super sexy? If you tend to go through phases like this you should note which days of the month you feel like a sexier version of yourself.  This can be an indication of days where you'll be in the mood.  If you happen to notice a trend, you might want to share this information with your hubby so he can plan accordingly.  

29 November 2012

03. Favorite Things Party

 Party Rocking

03. Favorite Things Party

This photo comes form Somewhat Creative, I love the gift tags!!! 

Are you tired of playing the white elephant game???  I know I am and I know my family is too!!!  Somewhat Creative is going to show you how to create A Favorite Things Party.  It's a great alternative and everyone leaves with amazing gifts.    The idea is to buy a few gifts in a certain price range.  Draw names and exchange all of your favorites.  Each of you will go home with gifts that you will enjoy.  

So say goodbye to all those white elephant parties and have a party with gifts that you will actually look forward to keeping, not throwing straight in the trash!

Take a peek at Sometimes Creative to get detailed rules for your gift exchange party. 

28 November 2012

03. Move It To The Bedroom

 Talk Dirty To Me

03. Move It To The Bedroom

Perhaps you're already talking dirty and don't even know it!  Moaning, groaning, complimenting, and suggesting are all ways of talking dirty.  Increase the intensity of your moans and groans, then describe what's happening by saying something like, "I'm watching you disappear inside of me and that is so sexy" or "I love slipping inside of you, you feel so good."  If possible hold eye contact as your describing what you like, you'll get extra points for that!  Follow your compliments with a whisper in his or her ear, "Tell me what you would really like to do to me."  If they look horrified, giggle a little to lighten things up!

27 November 2012

03. Light Up The Night

 Wine and Dine Em

03. Light Up The Night

This is the time of the year for Christmas lights, right?  Since you should have some lying around this would be an easy touch to add to your romantic dinner setting for two.  

This idea comes from Martha Stewart, I love her darling ideas!  Visit this link---> Light Up The Night to get an easy tutorial on how to create your own twinkling vase. 

42. Cater to Her

Bedroom Eyes

42.  Cater to Her

Alright boys this is a tip that you want to pay attention to...

Learn how to cater to your woman fully.  Sometimes the simple things you do before love making will make her desire you more.  So take it slow, let her warm up to you, and enjoy the anticipation!

23 November 2012

03. Trail of Roses

 Play Dress Up

03.  Trail of Roses

Roses are sexy and they make moments a little more romantic.  Make a trail or roses from the front door to the bedroom.  Or sprinkle roses around a tub prepared for a bubble bath, sprinkle a few in the tub too!  Other fun places to sprinkle rose petals in shoes, in briefcase, in underwear drawer, on love notes, in their car, on the couch, on the table, or any favorite spot...the possibilities are endless. 

22 November 2012

17. I Want You Signals

Chase Him Down

17. I Want You Signals

A signal takes all the pressure off of initiating.  You decide the signal and what it means.  Together you can create a code word, put on specific obvious outfits, play a familiar love song, light a candle, place a sex toy on his pillow, lay a rose across his towel, or a soft caress on a certain body part.  When the signal is made you will both have a clear understanding of what the other wants.

21 November 2012

13. Finally Found You

Fall In Love Mix

13.  Finally Found You by Enrique Iglesias featuring Daddy Yankee

"You never have to worry if the rest is true, girl I have been looking for you and when I saw you I knew I finally found I finally found you.  I'm coming to get you yeah, we got a connection, that's right, cause girl I'm not letting go I'll make you feel right, oh yeah.  I've been looking for you forever, together we go, together we go!"

Girls swoon over this guy, not just because of his looks and moves but because of his grooves.  All girls want to be chased and to know that you are there to stay forever.   I love this song and I'm betting your girl will love it too!    

20 November 2012

03. Vintage Doors

 Passionate Bedrooms

03.  Vintage Doors

Everything about this room is adorable.   What I'm in love with are the doors as the headboard.  Seriously, so creative.  I love repurposed stuff and I can't think of a better use for those old doors.   Love it!!! 

19 November 2012

03. Deep, Soulful Kisses

 Pucker Up Baby

03.  Deep, Soulful Kisses

If you don't have deep, soulful kisses while making love, then you are missing out!!! These intimate kisses are magic. They create the deepest feelings of love and intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom. Remember kisses equal connection! Start kissing with all the love you've got! 

18 November 2012

19. Special Something

Fight For Your Love

19.  Something Special

Let your spouse know they are on your mind with simple gestures.  Buy your spouse a gift that says, "I was thinking about you today."  Your gift can be as simple as a lollipop ring, or a compass, or their favorite treat.   

17 November 2012

Admission Ticket

Glitter In The Air

For some reason I love the shape and design of tickets.  Maybe it has to do with loving them as a little girl cause they meant we were going to the circus, cashing them in for a toy, or to a special event.  Luckily, tickets are popular right now and you can recreate them in many different ways.  

I've found tickets that you can customize at Romantic Craft When personalizing the ticket you can add a romantic place, or date idea, or make it look like a raffle ticket, or use it as a love coupon to surprise your loved one.   Use your creativity and you can make it anything you like.  

Visit Romantic Craft today and create something amazing for your spouse!

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE

16 November 2012

03. Sun-Burst Betty

 Grown Up Toys

03.  Sun Burst Betty

Oh, Betty look at this amazing idea.  For those of you with hair down there this would be a ton of fun!  Surprise your honey with a new color or two!!! 

15 November 2012

03. Moan or Whisper

 Hot Baby Bumps

03. Moan or Whisper

When it comes to heavenly sex we all want to get what we want, right? If we could get exactly what we wanted every time we would be on cloud nine. Sometimes we participate in a sexual experience hoping our spouse will read our minds. This is unrealistic, we need to be active participants in our enjoyment. 

Sometimes with kids around we find ourselves not looking forward to sex, not having enough energy for sex, or bored with the same sex routine. If you want to heat things up you are going to need to make some NOISE. It doesn't have to be panic alarm loud, but moans or whispers will heat things up. Moans or specific whispers let your partner know when they are doing things right. Add a little dirty talk or offer more suggestions to congratulate acts that you want repeated. I'm sure we all praise our kids with direct compliments and specific examples, this same technique will work wonders with your spouse. 

If this idea makes you blush, take baby steps. Start with moans and little whispers of praise then gradually move into more specifics when you're comfortable. Soon you'll find yourself daydreaming in the afternoon about what your honey said in bed the night before and you will be revving to get home and have sex no matter what the kids are up to!!! 

14 November 2012

Give Thanks Jar

Glitter In The Air

I love this section because I get to share some of my favorites with you.  How many of you know about Somewhat Simple?   This is your one stop shop for all sorts of beautiful finds. 

While looking through Somewhat Simple I found a printable craft that is perfect for our love gratitude challenge and all year through (for those of you who want to prolong this challenge).  

The idea is creating a chain with slips of paper that have different thankful prompts on them.  Super cute, I promise you are going to love her prompts!!! The prompts will help spark ideas of new "grateful" things to write about.  Her idea is for the whole family and of course my idea is just for the two of you.  Print the lovely printable, decorate your jar, place it in your bedroom, and create a chain just for the two of you.  

Click on picture to get your free printable download from Somewhat Simple. 

PS.  Not only does she have this cute printable but she has a discount for other cute gratitude books and other ideas.  Don't miss the special, CHECK IT OUT ASAP!!! 

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE

13 November 2012

02. Naughty Honey

Feed Your Sex Drive

02.  Naughty Honey

You can never have enough sweets! So why not enjoy a little bit of honey, naughty honey that is! It's not only great for pouring onto (and licking off) body parts; it is packed with carbohydrates, which will improve your stamina.

12 November 2012

02. I'm Thankful For You Basket

 Wrapped Up With Love

02.  I'm Thankful For You Basket 

* A month of compliments on post it notes

* 5 "I Owe You" service tickets  (Your spouse presents these whenever they want you to do something for them)

* Tag love journal (Start your journal off with a love note.  The two of you will take turns writing notes back and forth to each other)

* Collection of love lunch box notes.  (Place one in the basket with a little note letting them know more will arrive in their bagged lunches.)

I think this is the perfect way to compliment our Love Gratitude Challenge by continuing to express your gratitude to your spouse.  Show your spouse how much you appreciate them with a basket full of compliments, service, and love. 

11 November 2012

18. No Expectations

Happy Veteran's Day!  This is a special day for many of us including me.  Today, along with many other days, I remember the love my Tata had for his family and his country!  Thank you to all of you who faithfully serve this country, allowing us all to enjoy our freedom! 

Fight For Your Love  

18.  No Expectations

For the next few weeks serve your spouse without any expectations.  Serve them dinner, bring them a warm towel as they step out of the shower, give them oral delights, rub their back, serve them breakfast in bed, leave love notes around the house, or plan date night.  Remember, you are freely serving them without a single selfish desire.  I promise, you will receive more than you give when you serve without expecting a single thing in return!   

10 November 2012

02. Daddy Love

Picture This

02.  Daddy Love

If you are looking for some great poses, and maybe even a great photographer than look no further.   Jacquel with Moments By Design has some really adorable photo ideas and an eye for remarkable photos.  Take a peek!!! 

09 November 2012

02. Anticipation Trick

Bringing Sexy Back

02.  Anticipation Trick

Anticipation is an important part of your sex life. Here's a little idea for the next time you want to give your hubby something yummy to rush home to...When you are in a public place, hand him your panties that you have just taken off.  Not only will this get him in the mood, but it will get you thinking about what he's going to do once he gets his hands on you!!!

08 November 2012

02. Thanksgiving Traditions

Party Rockin'

02.  Thanksgiving Traditions  

Thanksgiving and fall is the perfect time to add a little tradition to your party.  I've found a few cute additions that will help make your day of gratitude perfect. 

These inexpensive, cute, and easy party treats should make your Thanksgiving gathering a memorable hit!