31 August 2010

blissful tip:

Don't use all your effort on trying to keep your spouse to stick around instead spend almost all your time molding yourself into a great husband or wife. Once you've made yourself great, keeping a spouse is much less difficult. Take care of yourself and become the best you can be. Learn to be patient and forgiving. The rest will fall into place. xoxo

28 August 2010

01. Warm Towel

Bedroom Eyes

01. Warm Towel

Wait for your mate to step out of the shower and dry him or her off with a fluffy towel that has just been warmed in the dryer.


27 August 2010

so they say:

“Love is everything it’s cracked up to be…it really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” Erica Jong xoxo

26 August 2010

It’s the little things:

fill a basket of for your love with all their favorite "junk"...xoxo

23 August 2010

So they say:

“Quietly as rosebuds talk to thin air. Love came so lightly I know not he was there…” 

Shaw Neilson 


22 August 2010

Blissful Tips

# 1…Go out at least once a week. Simple ideas: a brown bag dinner in the park, a walk around the lake, a root-beer float at an ice cream shop or putting the kids to bed early and talking. Revisit the things that you did when you were dating, like going to a movie or a nice relaxing dinner for two.  After being "pulled apart" by all the pressures of life, it is imperative to reconnect each week.


#2…Think about a chore your spouse really hates to do...now how about doing it for them occasionally! nothing will make both of you happier then spontaneous acts of kindness... 




I’m excited to tell you that I finally have pictures and information about all of my gifts up on my romantic gifts xoxo blog…make sure to take a look, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.