10 May 2013

08. Sext Her

 Bringing Sexy Back

08.  Sext Her

Men this tip is for you! If it's been awhile since you've sexted your wife, send one today! This will thrill your wife and transform her into the dirty girl you hope her to be. She will become a vixen at the touch of the button. Soon you will be thinking, "So much for sugar, spice, and everything nice!"

If you're like me, the more sexting tips and ideas you have the better. Take a peek at Sext It for a list of sexy texts that after reading, you will be using in a heart beat!

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09 May 2013

02. We've Grown Apart In The Bedroom

 Sex Stoppers

02. We've Grown Apart In The Bedroom

When life gets too busy, or too many frustrations build up, or being in the mood has been non-existent sex is easily put to the back burner. Soon weeks and months go by without even a thought of sex entering your relationship.  The thought of initiating sex seems forced, awkward, or unnatural. Yep, your sex life has flow out the window!

Fix It: 

Spend "quality" time together and reconnect in a non-sexual way first before heading straight to the sexual stuff. "Quality" time means one-on-one focused time together, free of kids, distractions, or complications.  

Daily-Schedule 30 minutes each day for drama and issue free one on one time to connect. These conversations should be free of judgement and a free space to talk about anything. 

Weekly- Schedule date night. Change up the norm, if movie and dinner is the normal date night switch it to a hike, breakfast in bed together, learning something new, bowling, or a stroll at the farmers market. Sharing these intimate moments together will help you reconnect and your desire for each other will blossom from there. Once you've built up that bond, suggest sneaking in a quickie when you're out on the town together. This will build up excitement and make it your own little secret, which will help to increase the bond and desire between the two of you. 

The Key:

Reconnect with focused "quality" time, build a bond, and bring back desire.

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08 May 2013

08. Get More Graphic

 Talk Dirty To Me

08.  Get More Graphic

Occasionally drop in the odd "bad" word and see how they react.  If they hear you using naughty words they will get the hint and do the same.

Don't worry this doesn't mean you have to be a sailor. You can use whatever words seem naughty to you and will make your spouse blush!

Out of the bedroom or in the bedroom I don't use swear words.  I never have and I don't know if I ever will. My hubby tends to have a naughty mouth for both of us in the bedroom. It's not shocking, gross, or disturbing, I love it!!! So I'm giving dirty talk a thumbs up, you should give it a try asap!

If you love talking dirty and want to add some more spice check out Spank It for role-playing tips and tricks!

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07 May 2013

47. Instruct Him

 Bedroom Eyes

47.  Instruct Him

Men like to believe they know how to do everything and if they mess up they will figure out exactly how to fix it without any help. 

There is one area where your man will appreciate a few instructions, he will appreciate direction about what pleases you.  

No one likes a bossy mate so go about it in a clever way, unless he's into bossy!  Try using phrases such as these:  "It drives me wild when you ............................"  I get hot when you ............................"  When you touch my ........................... I become ............................"   These simple and direct statements can work wonders! 

If he is still not getting it than you need to be a little more direct.  Take him by the hand and show him exactly what you like.  Show him specifics of how you like to be touched.  Where do you like it?  How do you like it, light, firm, slow, or quick?

Instructions will benefit both of you and both of you will end up with a huge reward for all of your directions!!!

If you are feeling a little shy or hesitant to be specific with your partner then you need to check out Talk Dirty To Me tips. 

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06 May 2013

02. The Masseuse Parlor

 Spank It 

I am soo exited to introduce today's fun idea!  I have been working on this for way longer then I thought and it's way over due, but I promise you are going to love it.  I've seen this type of idea out there and I wanted to create something that would be exciting, surprising, and enjoyable for you to act out and put together. Are you ready to dive into the masseuse parlor! 

Do I have to mention that these Spank It cards are for couples in monogamous relationships, you don't want to dive into fantasy role playing with someone you are having a fling with because the experience is not as fun, supportive, or fulfilling, trust me!

A little side note for all of you...I am a licensed massage therapist and one thing we don't enjoy being called is a masseuse, so don't do it! A masseuse does quite a bit more then just massage, they provide happy endings, sexual favors, and a whole lot more! The only person who is allowed to call me masseuse is my hubby cause I'm definitely giving him happy endings!!

02. The Masseuse Parlor

Get excited for this fantasy, you two are going to love role-playing with these cards.  It will make the process smoother, less intense, and give you a confidence boost.  Click on "The Masseuse Parlor" photo below to dive into the scenario of Masseuse and Client and bit more. 

Rules of play: 

Set The Date

The two of you need to set aside a DATE NIGHT to fulfill your roles. Let's say you decided to SPANK IT this Friday...To give you plenty of time you would both take a peek at your individual cards today (ssh it's a secret, so don't spoil it!), print them off, and gather any needed props to help you complete the fantasy.  I'm going to say this several times because it's super important...Your cards and activities are a SECRET, so don't spill the beans quite yet, you don't want to spoil your night!

No Distractions 

If you have kids, get a sitter or swap for an overnight sleep over with another couple. You want to have plenty of time to play your roles without any distractions! 

Role Playing

You each have a card that's just for you, so don't share it with your sweetheart. Spank it date nights are certainly reasons to keep secrets! Remember you two want to have a rocking night, so get prepared to act your part by taking the time necessary to read your card over and over again and to practice. The goal is to make your honey weak in the knees! 


Your honey already loves you and is excited to spice up your spank it date night, so don't let embarrassment, shyness, or doubt creep into your mind! Both of you are feeling a little vulnerable and timid because you are trying something new, that's ok, remember praise and compliments go a long way, so give a lot of them while you are playing your roles! You're lover doesn't care if you don't play the role perfectly, because they don't know what you are supposed to do, which is why you keep your role playing card a secret! The key is to have fun playing another role, get lost in the character, and make your night HOT!!!

Spank It Cards

Each card will have a list of actions, props, tips, ect. to help you fulfill your role.  At the bottom of each card you will find a little note of encouragement and reminders from me, so don't skip over that, you'll hurt my feelings and besides I've got nothing but juicy things to say! 


It is important to pick your partner's brain about fantasy playing before you begin. If you took my advice last month, the two of you should have had plenty of time to discuss your Spank It role playing boundaries, likes and dislikes, ect by now.  

If you haven't, I need you to click on over to -> SHARE YOUR FANTASIES, I'll wait right here, so take your time reading and discussing. Welcome back to those of you who clicked on over to the previous share your fantasies post, let's continue! 

While acting out these roles remember the limitations you have set and don't cross boundary lines that are no-no's in order for the two of you to be comfortable, feel safe, and thrill in the experience. 


Each role card is not designated to a certain gender, which means either of you could play any role. After reading "The Massage Parlor Scenario", the two of you have decided which role you want to play, if you haven't yet, hurry and make the discussion. Ok, decisions are made and now you are dying to just play the game already...

So here we go, if you are playing the MASSEUSE, scroll down just a bit, click on your card, and print it off.  If you are playing the CLIENT, bypass the masseuse card, scroll down to the bottom, click on your card, and print it off. 


Hello, masseuse! Click on this card ONLY and print it off! If you peek at the client card you will eliminate the surprise, anticipation, and spice of the night.  So be a good boy or girl and just look at your own card!  Ready, set, click! This where your journey begins and your reading almost ends...Hurry and scroll down to the very bottom of the post for more goodies! Yes, I'm trying to kick you off the post as soon as possible, quickly scroll down, don't even look at the next card, so you aren't tempted in the least!


Hello, CLIENT! click on this card only. DO NOT PEEK AT THE MASSEUSE CARD! If you peek at the masseuse card you will eliminate the surprise, anticipation, and spice of the night.  So be a good boy or girl and just look at your own card!  Ready, set, click! 

You two are going to be one happy couple after your spank it date night!!!  Woo, Hoo, I'm excited for you!!! 

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29 April 2013

The Inked Leaf Designs

 Glitter In The Air

With spring and summer in the air it reminds me of weddings, anniversaries, and all celebrations that warm the heart. There's this adorable designer that I've had my eye on for quite some time now. Her name is Sameeha and her little shop is called The Inked Leaf. She creates beautiful pieces all about love and I can't get enough of her. Hurry on over real quick and take a peek around her site, you'll fall in love, I promise! Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I'll be right here when you get back. 

Welcome back, I told you I'd be around.  Aren't her designs beautiful?! She has created quite a few darling printables for me, she is fun to work with, she is quick as can be, and she always creates magic with my visions! You won't go wrong with this girl!

Here are a few of my favorite designs...

How cute is this, take a photo of your casa of love and transform it into a digital creation.  So much fun and I love the light pole with your names on it!

Remember your first dance? You better say YES! I love this print because it captures the lyrics of "your song". The two of you will treasure this beautiful print forever!

How adorable is this??? Life is a journey and love is what makes the journey worthwhile, isn't that the truth?! Are you two into traveling or maybe you've moved way too many times? If so, this is perfect for you! I'm loving all the stamps, it reminds me of a passport displayed on your wall.  One day when we've traveled to some fun places, I am totally getting this! 

Sameeha is just fabulous, I really love this girl. If you have a celebration coming up in the near future or distant future contact The Inked Leaf, you will be impressed with Sameeha's stylish work and her cute personality!

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23 April 2013

02. Off To A Slow Start

Sext It Up 

02. Off To A Slow Start

We've talked about initiating sexting and by now you should be on your way to great steamy texts! By now you have talked about sexting, you've gotten the "oh yes" response, and you've dabbled a little. Some of you might still be trying to figure out how to get things started, that's ok. Today's tip and text ideas are going to get you soaring and deep in this sexting world. For those of you who are old time pro's, stick around, you'll find a few new sext ideas. Let's get you started!!!

Don't let yourself get hung up trying to sound like a phone sex operator, or come up with some erotic fantasy, or become a porn star, that's not you and guess what, he wants YOU! The key is to remember KISS, Keep it Simple, Sexy. 

Set The Mood

First you need to set the mood for the direction you want this conversation to go. Set the mood for the kind of sex you want to have, be it animal passion, kinky, gentle, spicy, hot, or sweet lovemaking, whatever floats your boat! The most important thing to do when setting the mood is to take it slow, don't come right out with dirty talk or naked pictures. Take the scenic route, which is usually a longer but more enjoyable drive. Remember sexting is, after all, just like foreplay, you don't want to rush it, you want to simmer in it and wait till it becomes too much to handle before taking it to a whole other level. 

Start Slowly

Dirty talk doesn't come natural to everyone, luckily this doesn't mean that you can't be a rockstar at sexting! In fact, as most of us have learned, it's easier to say things in text that you would never dare get the nerve to say in person. Trust me your spouse is going to think this is very HOT. No need to dive right in, just slowly dip one toe in at a time and work yourself up to whatever level you are comfortable with. Spicing things up doesn't mean you have to be nasty or crude. All it takes is some simple sexting to revv up the boat! For some helpful hints on talking dirty click HERE.

Theme Scene

Sext Theme #1: Dirty Language...Keep it simple. Emphasize on key words that the two of you would understand such as, "Wanna play" or "Who's your naughty girl?" or "lets do my favorite thing." They will get the hint real quick!

Sext Theme #2: We all love our pet names, right?! Then there's no excuse not to use them along with sexy details. "Hey sexy" or "Hi babe" or "Hi Hottie" or "Hi handsome" are definitely worth using. Add a little bit of sexy detail after them. If you are a little unsure of what to write, pick up a romance novel and see how they do it. Trust me, dirty talk is cheesy, so don't worry about taking a big bite of cheese! 

Come On Home

Sext #1: When you get home Saturday, I won't be wearing any underwear 

Sext #2: I’m aching for you.

Sext #3: Last night was awesome with you, I owe you a kiss.

Sext #4: I have a surprise and I can't wait to show you.

Sext #5: I need you. Now.

Sext #6: I want you!

Sext #7: Roses are red violets are blue. Come home so I can be with you.

Sext #8: I can’t wait to see you, to touch you.

Sext #9: I know you’re busy today, but can you add one thing to your to-do list? Me.

Butter Them Up

Sext #1: Nothing is more beautiful to me than you wearing only the moonlight and my kisses.

Sext #2: I can't believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.

Sext #3: I can’t tell you how much I love the way you feel.

Sext #4: You are my lover, forever.

Sext #5: Every time I think of you I feel naked.

Sext #6: I can’t stop thinking about your amazing body.

Sext #7: In the deep of the night I dream of your touch.

Sext #8: I’m addicted to your love. I need more.

Get the Action Started

Sext #1: Did you dream of me touching you last night?

Sext #2: I dreamed that I was lying in bed with you last night. We were so close and your skin was hot. I never wanted to wake up.

Sext #3: I still feel your lips all over me.

Sext #4: I just got out of the shower. Thinking of you while I was in it. Now I feel more dirty.

Sext #5: Good night, sleep tight. Dream of me while I hold you tight.

Sext #6: I can almost feel you here… caressing me… touching me…

Sext #7: I love the way we make love.

Be YOUnique

Remember to add your personality into these sext ideas to make it genuine and personal. Keep a little mystery and you'll intrigue him. Don't throw out all the good stuff all at once, give him a chance to respond and let your conversation linger throughout the day. Kick up that anticipation level and your spouse will be anxious to return home from work or that trip away from home.

What are you waiting for, got get started!!!

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22 April 2013

24. Loving Reactions

 Fight For Your Love

24.  Loving Reactions

You two are arguing, stress levels are high, or you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Life seems negative and nothing is going right.  You can change that frown upside down by just choosing to change your mood.  It's a habit that takes practice but makes a world of difference.  When you find yourself in difficult circumstances take a moment to reflect and choose to react to tough situations in your marriage with love instead of irritation.

If you need a little help changing your mood in the bedroom take a peek at Bringing Sexy Back.

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19 April 2013

07. Albolene

 Grown Up Toys

07.  Albolene

I learned about this fabulous little product from a good friend.  A little birdie told her that this is what the porn stars used. Of course this piqued my curiosity and I had to try it. Albolene is a eye makeup remover and can be found at Walgreens or similar drug stores. The texture is like an ointment and isn't greasy at all. It doesn't clump or dry up, keeps it's slickness for a long time. I was worried that it might taste disgusting but there isn't a taste at all. This is perfect for hand jobs and blow jobs. The bottle will last you forever and I think it was around $6.00, you can't beat that price. What do you have to lose, go out and get a bottle for yourself! Your hubby will thank you for it! 

This little cleanser is a porn star secret.  If it's good enough for a porn star, ahem, it's good enough for me! Which means it's good enough for you too! lol

A little tip: Whether you think you need lube or not, trust me you need it! The more lube, the better friction. Lube is for everyone!!!

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18 April 2013

06. Change the Scene

 Hot Baby Bumps

06. Change The Scene

How many of you do it in the same place, the same way, almost every time? Once you've had a baby your marriage bed just ins't the same after the baby has pooped, spit up, slept, and nursed there. So it's about time you changed things up!!! 

Even though you might love and find tons of pleasure in your sex life, it is proven that the novelty of sex wears off through the years.  This is true with everything in our life, new things start off being thrilling and exciting, once we adapt to the situation and the newness  wears off it becomes ho-hum, routine, and monotonous. 

Shake it up a bit, bring the thrill and novelty back by changing the scenery! Fulfill fantasies, change positions, be daring, try something new, change the music, talk dirty, take a risk, buy a new toy, make your bedroom romantic, and change locations. 

Continue to bring that spark back to your love life after the baby by checking out previous HOT BABY BUMP tips by clicking HERE.

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17 April 2013

01. Get Satisfied

If you are continually distracted and don't find the time to include sex in your daily schedule here's a challenge to help you change things around!

Sex Challenge

01. Work To Get Satisfied

Each month you will be given a new Sex Challenge to complete during that month. So that means you have four weeks to improve in a certain area and boost your sex life up a notch! I only supply the tips but in order for you to actually make changes in the bedroom you need to do a little work. Below are a few action steps to help you accomplish your goals and to complete these challenges! In order to make sure there are no excuses and to remind you of these steps, I will include them after every new challenge.

To fully enthrall yourself in these sex challenges I encourage you to get a SEX NOTEBOOK to document your reflections, sexual desires, and progress.  So right this very moment go grab your favorite notebook, if it's cute that's a plus, and reserve this for sex stuff only!

This month, I want you to go through these steps and really think about where your sex life is at this moment. Pick one area that is a huge downer and focus on that as you go through these steps. Is your sex life what you want it to be? What steps to do you need to take to make changes? How can you make sex a priority? What types of sexual encounters do you enjoy the most or the least? How can you step out of the box and try something new to jazz it up a bit? Pick four sexual moments you would like to enjoy and make them happen this month!!!

Let's start off by grabbing a pen this very second! Reflect on the tip of the month. How would implementing it affect your sex life? Will it improve areas that are keeping you from the sex life you desire? Write down your reflections. Right below this list write down what you are willing to do today to change things. Once you have done this take a moment to share these points with your partner.

During the month, make a conscious effort to make improvements to boost your sex life. As you make these changes start daydreaming about a few steamy sexual encounters and write a minimum of 4 of them down. Before the month is over fulfill all 4 of your sex-capades. Do not allow yourself any excuses to drop the ball.

At the end of this challenge you should feel rejuvenated about your sex life. Be intentional about making your sexual encounters ah-mah-zing, satisfying, and steamy. Keep your intimacy a priority and say bye, bye to distractions! Enjoy a minimum of four steamy encounters this month, even if that means you need to schedule it! Aim for the best sex life ever! Lastly, get ready to tackle a new sexual challenge!

If you continually find yourself making excuses in the sex department take a peek at Sex Stoppers for tips to avoid pitfalls that will take you away from sex.  Or peek at Bringing Sexy Back to help you get in the mood over and over again!

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16 April 2013

07. Clever Bees

Feed Your Sex Drive

07.  Clever Bees

Bee pollen can increase libido, sexual potency and fertility. It will also boost energy levels. Those clever bees!!!

Honey Ideas:

Spread it on toast, waffles, or pancakes to get the morning started right.

Play a game of "Name That Treat"-this will boost it for sure!

Add it to tea in the evening to get things revving!

Honey Recipe for Two:

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15 April 2013

06. Baby Mama

Mother's day will be here before you know it, so start planning an awesome gift for your baby mama!  Your wife deserves to be pampered, romanced, and left weak in the knees.  With this basket you are sure to do all three and more!

Wrapped Up With Love

06. Baby Mama

Don't go crazy emptying your pockets, stay in and create a romantic hotel at home.  Send those kids off to grandma's and spend a weekend with just the two of you. 

You don't need to include all of these items in your basket.  For instance if you choose to have a bubble bath for two, grab one item and attach a coupon for a bath for two to it, and that's all you need.  You can collect the items you need when it's time to pamper her.  

If this is within your budget buy her a new pair of lingerie and attach a note telling her why you find her sexy, when she needs to wear the outfit, and how you are going to thank her!

Put a scrapbook of pictures together.  Snap pictures of your wife with the kids.  Below each picture write a caption of why your wife is a hot mom and what she does that impresses you.  At the end of your album take a picture of your hot self and below it have this caption, "This man thinks your amazing, desirable, and beautiful because...."

Don't just take any kind of bath.  If your wife loves chocolate make a Hot Chocolate Bath.  All you need is cocoa and milk.  Create a dollop of whip cream on the top.  Drop in a few rose petals, lay a few candles around the tub, turn on romantic music, fill wine glasses with bubbly, and you'll make her swoon. Just remember any hanky panky needs to be done outside of the bath or else she might get an infection!  If chocolate isn't your thing, then try a strawberry smoothie, mint julep, or a potpourri bath instead. 

Edible massage oils will help you get a little creative.  Massage each other with your hands, your mouth, and your tongue. 

Lay out a fuzzy blanket and grab some cushions or pillows.  Set out the candles, wine glasses, and fancy dishes on your coffee table. If you like to cook and have the time create a yummy meal.  If you don't have the time order carry out. As she doesn't have to prepare it your wife doesn't Your wife won't care if your eating pizza or filet mignon!  Before dinner starts present her with a bill and tip receipt, which will have her giving you kisses and affection during your meal!  

 What are you waiting for get going, start preparing a romantic weekend celebrating your baby mama!!! 

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13 April 2013

07. No Kids Allowed

 Bringing Sexy Back

07.  No kids Allowed

Make your room a no-kid zone

For those of you without kids this is going to be easy as pie. For those of you with kids, this may sound a little harsh, especially if your room is your children's second bedroom. In order to have a better sex life, you need to take a step away from every day life and focus on each other. 

When you have children you find yourselves immersed in a life that soon seems to be run by those little kids you adore. They take over the house, over your sleep, and over your free time. Before you know it there isn't a space in the house that isn't consumed by your children. As parents you need to hold onto your relationship and set boundaries for your children, allowing them to see that your relationship is a priority. By loving each other above all else you will find that this is one of the best examples and lessons you can teach your kids. Focusing on each other will also help to keep your love life thriving! 

Show your kids that you love each other and need daddy and mommy time by creating a space in your home that is for adult-only activities. A convenient room for this space is your bedroom. Once your kids learn that your room is off-limits you will be more likely to have time and space to yourselves on a regular basis. Your bedroom will become a room that is only about the two of you and will become a haven where you can sneak away for tons of naughty uninterrupted adult time!!! 

Sometimes all we need to get started is a symbol to help remind everyone that your room is now exactly that "YOUR ROOM!"  Take a peek at this adorable "Forever Honeymoon" door hanger sign that will help you do just that --> "Forever Honeymoon" (it's the 3rd row down on the right side :)

For ideas on how to make your room romantic and distraction free visit --> Passionate Bedrooms

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12 April 2013

02. Expensive Toys

Sex Talk

02. Expensive Toys

The Pearl Royal

The most expensive toy is $1,000,000!!! With a price tag this high, you're asking if it's made out of platinum?! Why yes, it is and that's not it!!! Why buy your girl a new piece of jewelry when you could buy her something that will bring her a little more pleasure. 

Colin Burn and Nicole Gallus, Australian jeweler's, have created this elegant sex toy called the Pearl Royal. This luxurious toy is covered with over a thousand pink and white sapphires as well as diamonds and pearls. It is cast in solid platinum. The crown is very fitting to the exquisite wealth of this product! Burns stated that this opulent dildo was created for 'art and erotica enthusiast'. 

Now you're going to love this...The pearl that controls the vibration speed can be removed and put onto a necklace-what more could your lady ask for! 

Would you dare use this for your pleasure? Colin gave the ok when she stated that the diamonds are flush with the platinum to make it gentle enough to use! This vibrator brings a whole new meaning to bedazzling!  

Lelo Inez

This is crafted in stainless steel or 18 carat gold.  Lelo is known for the silent toys and their various setting options, no shortcuts for this toy, you will be impressed with the power of this dildo!  It will set you back $7,143.99.  I'm wondering if hard toys are something I need to start looking into!!! *wink

Little Platinum Eternity Vibrator
If this price is a little too steep check out Jimmy Jane's vibrator with diamonds, it will only cost you $3,250.00.  It's made with platinum and ringed with diamonds.  Another one to show off to all your friends.  I'm thinking I would put this in a display case right next to the Pearl Royal!

Little Gold Eternity Vibrator
If platinum isn't your thing, then this gold vibe by Jimmy Jane is the one for you!  At only $2,750.00, you can't beat that! 

Fella's I'm thinking for your next big celebration it's time to put your money where your mouth should be!  Touche' lol

These toys are beautiful and maybe they do the job, as far as I'm concerned you can find something that does an amazing job without taking out a loan!  Take a peek at Grown Up Toys for more realistic options by clicking HERE.

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11 April 2013

01. Frustrations

 We have all heard these statements (maybe not in our personal lives but in our friends *wink), "I've got a headache" or "I'm too tired, I need to sleep" or "I've got too much on my mind."  Chances are these statements are more true then not, even though people don't want to admit it.

Are we just not interested or do we have too many things in our lives that we are constantly pulling us away from enjoying our partners sexually?  Personally, I'm choosing the idea that we love sex but we are just too busy mentally or physically to fit it in.

Sex Stoppers is going to point out the reasons you are saying no to sex and yes to something else.  Noticing the issue is the first step to making a change. Use these facts to get yourself out of these ruts and back in the sack!

Sex Stoppers

01. Frustrations

Women tend to be sexually frustrated because they are not getting what they need in the sack.  What leads to this?  Women don't like to feel like a "piece of meat" or a "booty call" or a "mounting block". If she feels she fits into one of these categories she is less likely to be turned on for sexual pleasure.  All of these pent up feelings result in lack of satisfaction. A majority of women want to experience more intimacy, more foreplay, more stamina, and more endurance from their partners.

Fix It:

Talk about it, be direct, kind, and ask for what you want!!!  You should be able to talk about your expectations in the bedroom way before you do the deed! If you can have sex, there are no excuses for not being able to talk about it!  When you discover what you want and need, it is important to inform your partner. Sadly our partners aren't mind readers, they need direction and guidance.  As you communicate about your sexual desires your partner will understand what turns you on and what they need to do in order to satisfy you. 

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