12 April 2013

02. Expensive Toys

Sex Talk

02. Expensive Toys

The Pearl Royal

The most expensive toy is $1,000,000!!! With a price tag this high, you're asking if it's made out of platinum?! Why yes, it is and that's not it!!! Why buy your girl a new piece of jewelry when you could buy her something that will bring her a little more pleasure. 

Colin Burn and Nicole Gallus, Australian jeweler's, have created this elegant sex toy called the Pearl Royal. This luxurious toy is covered with over a thousand pink and white sapphires as well as diamonds and pearls. It is cast in solid platinum. The crown is very fitting to the exquisite wealth of this product! Burns stated that this opulent dildo was created for 'art and erotica enthusiast'. 

Now you're going to love this...The pearl that controls the vibration speed can be removed and put onto a necklace-what more could your lady ask for! 

Would you dare use this for your pleasure? Colin gave the ok when she stated that the diamonds are flush with the platinum to make it gentle enough to use! This vibrator brings a whole new meaning to bedazzling!  

Lelo Inez

This is crafted in stainless steel or 18 carat gold.  Lelo is known for the silent toys and their various setting options, no shortcuts for this toy, you will be impressed with the power of this dildo!  It will set you back $7,143.99.  I'm wondering if hard toys are something I need to start looking into!!! *wink

Little Platinum Eternity Vibrator
If this price is a little too steep check out Jimmy Jane's vibrator with diamonds, it will only cost you $3,250.00.  It's made with platinum and ringed with diamonds.  Another one to show off to all your friends.  I'm thinking I would put this in a display case right next to the Pearl Royal!

Little Gold Eternity Vibrator
If platinum isn't your thing, then this gold vibe by Jimmy Jane is the one for you!  At only $2,750.00, you can't beat that! 

Fella's I'm thinking for your next big celebration it's time to put your money where your mouth should be!  Touche' lol

These toys are beautiful and maybe they do the job, as far as I'm concerned you can find something that does an amazing job without taking out a loan!  Take a peek at Grown Up Toys for more realistic options by clicking HERE.

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