17 April 2013

01. Get Satisfied

If you are continually distracted and don't find the time to include sex in your daily schedule here's a challenge to help you change things around!

Sex Challenge

01. Work To Get Satisfied

Each month you will be given a new Sex Challenge to complete during that month. So that means you have four weeks to improve in a certain area and boost your sex life up a notch! I only supply the tips but in order for you to actually make changes in the bedroom you need to do a little work. Below are a few action steps to help you accomplish your goals and to complete these challenges! In order to make sure there are no excuses and to remind you of these steps, I will include them after every new challenge.

To fully enthrall yourself in these sex challenges I encourage you to get a SEX NOTEBOOK to document your reflections, sexual desires, and progress.  So right this very moment go grab your favorite notebook, if it's cute that's a plus, and reserve this for sex stuff only!

This month, I want you to go through these steps and really think about where your sex life is at this moment. Pick one area that is a huge downer and focus on that as you go through these steps. Is your sex life what you want it to be? What steps to do you need to take to make changes? How can you make sex a priority? What types of sexual encounters do you enjoy the most or the least? How can you step out of the box and try something new to jazz it up a bit? Pick four sexual moments you would like to enjoy and make them happen this month!!!

Let's start off by grabbing a pen this very second! Reflect on the tip of the month. How would implementing it affect your sex life? Will it improve areas that are keeping you from the sex life you desire? Write down your reflections. Right below this list write down what you are willing to do today to change things. Once you have done this take a moment to share these points with your partner.

During the month, make a conscious effort to make improvements to boost your sex life. As you make these changes start daydreaming about a few steamy sexual encounters and write a minimum of 4 of them down. Before the month is over fulfill all 4 of your sex-capades. Do not allow yourself any excuses to drop the ball.

At the end of this challenge you should feel rejuvenated about your sex life. Be intentional about making your sexual encounters ah-mah-zing, satisfying, and steamy. Keep your intimacy a priority and say bye, bye to distractions! Enjoy a minimum of four steamy encounters this month, even if that means you need to schedule it! Aim for the best sex life ever! Lastly, get ready to tackle a new sexual challenge!

If you continually find yourself making excuses in the sex department take a peek at Sex Stoppers for tips to avoid pitfalls that will take you away from sex.  Or peek at Bringing Sexy Back to help you get in the mood over and over again!

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