18 April 2013

06. Change the Scene

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06. Change The Scene

How many of you do it in the same place, the same way, almost every time? Once you've had a baby your marriage bed just ins't the same after the baby has pooped, spit up, slept, and nursed there. So it's about time you changed things up!!! 

Even though you might love and find tons of pleasure in your sex life, it is proven that the novelty of sex wears off through the years.  This is true with everything in our life, new things start off being thrilling and exciting, once we adapt to the situation and the newness  wears off it becomes ho-hum, routine, and monotonous. 

Shake it up a bit, bring the thrill and novelty back by changing the scenery! Fulfill fantasies, change positions, be daring, try something new, change the music, talk dirty, take a risk, buy a new toy, make your bedroom romantic, and change locations. 

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