09 April 2013

46. Take Control of Your Pleasure

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46. Take Control of Your Pleasure

You've seen the movies scenes where everything is hot and heavy, they skip the foreplay and they both reach the peak at the same time.  Hopefully you have learned that the movies are pretend, you can forget what you see in the movies.  Fulfillment and ecstasy require a lot more work.  

Real life statistics: Only about 30% of women reach orgasm through penetration alone.   That leaves a huge number of us that need "hands-on help to reach the big "O."  

Women this tip is for you...It's not solely up to your partner to get you there.  You need to share in the responsibility to meet your own sexual pleasure, it's not fair to leave it all up to him.  When your partner needs an extra hand, provide yours.  Your help will make a huge difference and will help him pay attention to your other hot zones. 

Some women require a little extra help getting there.   Some men would like to help their lady climax more efficiently and more frequently.  If you are in this category check out Grown Up Toys

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