15 April 2013

06. Baby Mama

Mother's day will be here before you know it, so start planning an awesome gift for your baby mama!  Your wife deserves to be pampered, romanced, and left weak in the knees.  With this basket you are sure to do all three and more!

Wrapped Up With Love

06. Baby Mama

Don't go crazy emptying your pockets, stay in and create a romantic hotel at home.  Send those kids off to grandma's and spend a weekend with just the two of you. 

You don't need to include all of these items in your basket.  For instance if you choose to have a bubble bath for two, grab one item and attach a coupon for a bath for two to it, and that's all you need.  You can collect the items you need when it's time to pamper her.  

If this is within your budget buy her a new pair of lingerie and attach a note telling her why you find her sexy, when she needs to wear the outfit, and how you are going to thank her!

Put a scrapbook of pictures together.  Snap pictures of your wife with the kids.  Below each picture write a caption of why your wife is a hot mom and what she does that impresses you.  At the end of your album take a picture of your hot self and below it have this caption, "This man thinks your amazing, desirable, and beautiful because...."

Don't just take any kind of bath.  If your wife loves chocolate make a Hot Chocolate Bath.  All you need is cocoa and milk.  Create a dollop of whip cream on the top.  Drop in a few rose petals, lay a few candles around the tub, turn on romantic music, fill wine glasses with bubbly, and you'll make her swoon. Just remember any hanky panky needs to be done outside of the bath or else she might get an infection!  If chocolate isn't your thing, then try a strawberry smoothie, mint julep, or a potpourri bath instead. 

Edible massage oils will help you get a little creative.  Massage each other with your hands, your mouth, and your tongue. 

Lay out a fuzzy blanket and grab some cushions or pillows.  Set out the candles, wine glasses, and fancy dishes on your coffee table. If you like to cook and have the time create a yummy meal.  If you don't have the time order carry out. As she doesn't have to prepare it your wife doesn't Your wife won't care if your eating pizza or filet mignon!  Before dinner starts present her with a bill and tip receipt, which will have her giving you kisses and affection during your meal!  

 What are you waiting for get going, start preparing a romantic weekend celebrating your baby mama!!! 

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