31 December 2012

Resolutions 03. Read

New Beginnings

03.  Resolve to read at least one book on how to strengthen your relationship.

Resolutions 02. Intimate Ideas

New Beginnings

02.  Think of 12 new intimate ideas you would like to incorporate in the bedroom this year. A few intimate ideas that should help you start your list: new positions, toys, body desserts, or different locations. Pick one day each month to make your wishes come true. 

Resolutions 01. Date Nights

New Beginnings

Making Number ONE What Matters Most

What can you do for your marriage in 2012?   Try making a New Year’s resolution to improve your relationship.  New Years is right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions. Are you planning on getting in shape, eating healthier, or excelling at work? How many of you have decided to be a better husband or wife? Shouldn't the person that matters the most be on the top of our goal list? This year pick a goal that focuses on your spouse and make that #1 on your goal list.

01.  Schedule several “Date Nights” for the first few months of the year.  

12 more ideas to come, stay tuned. 

30 December 2012

23. Making Number ONE What Matters Most

 Fight For Your Love

23.  Making Number ONE What Matters Most

What can you do for your marriage in 2012?   Try making a New Year’s resolution to improve your relationship.  New Years is right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions. Are you planning on getting in shape, eating healthier, or excelling at work? How many of you have decided to be a better husband or wife? Shouldn't the person that matters the most be on the top of our goal list? This year pick a goal that focuses on your spouse and make that #1 on your goal list.

28 December 2012

05. Lelo Siri

 Grown Up Toys

05.  Lelo Siri

This is a very powerful, intense, and targeted massager.  This hits your clit perfectly and the material is designed for comfort.  It has 6 modes and ranges from low to high with a simple touch.  The buzz is very discreet and the shape is easy to hold.  Siri is small enough to use during sex.  I heart this toy and so will you!!! 

27 December 2012

05. Lube

Hot Baby Bumps

05.  Lube

Your body takes a toll after childbirth.  You have to deal with all the crazy up and down hormones and dryness that come from nursing.  When you are making love you don't want to be hurting (a little or a lot of pain may be your thing, whatever makes you hot).  When your sleep deprived, mentally out of it, and attentions have shifted from your partner to your baby, pain could be a huge turn off.  Solve your problem by investing in an expensive top of the line product, this is not an area where you scrimp or go cheap.  Honestly, you can never have enough LUBE, when in doubt use more!!!    

Lube suggestion:  A great lube is EROS and stay away from water based, you want this stuff to stay on, not absorbed. 

26 December 2012

04. Figs

Feed Your Sex Drive

04.  Figs
This sexy fruit has long been thought of as an arousing stimulant and an open fig is believed to look like the female sex organs.  Figs are knee deep in history and are one of the oldest recorded fruits.  Ancient Greeks believed them to be sacred and associated them with love and fertility. 

24 December 2012

04. New Beginnings

 Wrapped Up With Love

04.  New Beginnings

New Years is right around the corner so start it off right with a basket that will help the two of you connect, grow as a couple, and improve together. 

* Marriage Self Help Book

* Work Out Video or Jump Rope or Pass to a Gym

* Healthy collection of recipes

* Pick one recipe from collection and place recipe items in the basket to cook together.

* Goal Sheet  (Set goals together as a couple.  Reach new levels of achievement through the year.)

(Our Love Dates)

* Our Love Dates by Tickled In Love (Romantic Dry Erase Calendar Planner for Couples:  his and her slots to place prepared love notes and coupons.   A year of: dates, blissful tips, sex tips, and weekly challenges.)

20 December 2012

04. Christmas Charades

 Party Rocking

I love this idea, who doesn't love charades.  This printable comes from Moms and Munchkins, visit their site for a ton of other cute stuff!  My twist would be to make it a little bit more grown up.  Think of scenarios that would be hilarious to watch acted out!  Like getting your tongue stuck to an iced flag pole or getting your eye shot out (Yes! One of my favorite shows, The Christmas Story!). 

19 December 2012

04. Timing is Everything

 Talk Dirty To Me

04.  Timing is Everything

Sometimes it's incredibly sexy to talk dirty in a very public place.  This can be a teasing tool if you whisper something titillating in their ear when your on the train, surrounded by bored commuters-but they are very unlikely to make a single complaint.  If this is the first time you are talking dirty, and you're unsure what type of reaction you are going to receive, wait until you are in a very heated sex session, with both of you close to climaxing. At this point, both of your bodies will be full of sex hormones, and you'll be more likely to let loose! 

18 December 2012

04. Serving Tray

Wine and Dine Em

04.  Serving Tray

How cute is this tray from Christina's Adventures?!  Imagine how lovely it would be to have your honey serve you a special Christmas breakfast in bed on this tray!  I know you're thinking the holidays are busy and I don't have time to romance my spouse.  Because the holidays are busy, it is even more important to make time for your spouse, they should be on the top of your list.   Making time out for the two of you will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together during this special time of the year.  Make a lovely and easy breakfast and serve it on a simple yet beautiful tray to surprise your spouse.  If you have time to make this tray visit Christina's Adventures for an easy tutorial.  

For easy and yummy breakfast treats take a peek at these recipes...
Maple Cream Pudding In A Mug with Homemade Maple Syrup by Tickled in Love...Everyone that eats this bread pudding loves it.  It's seriously easy and can sit overnight.  Pop it into the oven when you wake and that's it.  This is perfect for those of you who don't like to wake up early to cook. 

Mini Eggstravaganza by Tickled In Love...Again another dish that can be mixed up the night before and placed in the oven when you wake up.  Breakfast will be ready in a jiffy! 

If you are looking for something else take a peek at Our Best Bites for more yummy breakfast options.  I love these ladies because their recipes are easy and yummy!  

Now go plan your special breakfast in bed for the holidays with your spouse!!!  

43. Breasts

 Bedroom Eyes

43.  Breasts

We all know our husbands love our breasts.  We love what our husbands do to them as long as they are doing it right!  So hubbies this breast play tip is for you! 

Putting your mouth on her breasts can be intensely sexy, but doing it wrong can be a huge turn off.   Sucking, licking, kissing, and finger play are highly enjoyable.  Add in some gentle biting, taking it easy, to spice it up a notch.  Breasts are delicate and sensitive, so don't forget to treat them appropriately.  If you're wife is into hardcore, than of course hard sucking, biting, intense pinching, and bruises are acceptable forms of breast play.  Also, it's important to remember that the entire breast needs attention, not just her nipples.  Use your mouth, tongue, fingers, and gentle teeth on the entire surface for very enjoyable results!   

16 December 2012

22. Three Things

 Fight For Your Love

22.  Three Things

Sometimes we need to be direct and ask our spouse to mention something we do that bugs them.  Even when we are trying to behave and be a good housemate we do things that can get under each other's skin without any clue we are doing so.  Make your spouse happier by asking them to tell you three things that you do that makes them uncomfortable or aggravated.   Pick the timing of this discussion carefully, don't be defensive, be ready to listen, and prepare to make changes.

14 December 2012

04. Christmas Lights

 Play Dress Up

04.  Christmas Lights

This is so elegant and pretty.  Stream Christmas lights up in your bedroom or lay them on the floor, or string them around the bed posts.  Leave them up all Christmas long to add a cherry and merry mood to your room.  Think of the beautiful twinkle this will cast on your sexy times!  

Not only is it gorgeous, it's easy to make.  Visit Hayseed Homemakin' for a simple tutorial.  

13 December 2012

18. Take Turns

Chase Him Down

18. Take Turns

If you notice that one of you is initiating more often, balance things out by taking turns.  One idea is buying a supply of marbles in two different colors, one for each of you. When you initiate sex place your color marble in a jar.  Continue to do this over a month’s time.  At the end of the month strive to have the equal amounts of his and her marbles in the jar.  Another option is splitting the week up between the two of you.  You take three days in a row to initiate sex, then one day off for you and your hubby, and your hubby takes the last 3 days of the week to initiate sex.  You and your husband should make the move at least once in your three days.

12 December 2012

14. Be Your Everything

 Fall In Love Mix

14.  Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls

"I'll be your shelter, I'll be your storm, I'll make you shiver, I'll keep you warm, whatever happens baby I'm yours.  No matter what you do I'll be there.  Every time you close your eyes I'll be by your side.  Be your forever, baby I will be your everything."

Every girl needs a rock to hold onto.  Great song to add to your playlist to let your girl know you will be there no matter what! 

11 December 2012

04. Cozy Stockings

 Passionate Bedrooms

04.  Cozy Stockings

(Source: Country Living)

Bring the holidays into your room.  Use neutral colors to bring a little Christmas cheer into your love shack.  My suggestion is to hang his and her stockings for the two of you.  Secretly fill it with romantic or naughty things, NO PEEKING.  Open together on Christmas Eve or Christmas night and take advantage of your new gifts!  

10 December 2012

04. Kissing Hype

 Pucker Up Baby

04.  Kissing Hype

What's all the hype about kissing??? Kissing is more then just lips and tongues, here's a little something from Dr. Oz that explains what's really in a kiss...

"Kissing doesn’t just feel good, it plays a biological role as well. Studies show that kissing spikes dopamine and serotonin levels—two feel-great chemicals in your brain—and also heightens oxytocin to give you that “lovey dovey” feeling that bonds you to your partner. Since a good kiss has the ability to create such sky-high feelings, it’s no wonder a bad kiss is such a turnoff. We all just want that lovin’ feelin’, and a bad-kisser simply won’t do the trick."

So this got me to thinking about what you all thought, what's a good kiss and what makes an awful kiss? How do you ensure that you get a good kiss the majority of the time???

09 December 2012

21. Ask

 Fight For Your Love

21.  Ask

Contact your spouse sometime during the day to ask how they are doing and ask them if you can do anything for them.  Helping your spouse with a chore, errand, or duty will help make their load lighter.  Easing each other's stress level will brighten your day!

08 December 2012

For My Santa Baby

Glitter In The Air

Who says Christmas is only for the nice???  Surprise your baby with naughty 12 days of Christmas.  Inside each mini sexy ornament is a slip of paper with naughty deeds written on them.  These would be perfect on your mini Christmas tree inside your bedroom or placed on his pillow each morning or proudly displayed on your main Christmas tree.  Make your hubby happy by giving him something he really wants for Christmas!!!

To purchase For My Santa Baby naughty ornaments click ---> HERE

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE

07 December 2012

04. Masque Strips

 Grown Up Toys

To swallow or not to swallow that is the question?  Many women do not because they don't like the smell or taste of their man's genitals.  So take your oral pleasures to the next level with Masque Strips.  The next time you give your man a blow job you'll want to have one of these on hand.  These strips come in yummy minty flavors, watermelon, chocolate, mango, and strawberry which masque the flavor of sperm.  Each strip is used like a Listerine strip, pop in your mouth right before starting your oral pleasures, and lasts approximately 10-20 minutes.  Packages come in strips of 3 for $9.95.