27 December 2012

05. Lube

Hot Baby Bumps

05.  Lube

Your body takes a toll after childbirth.  You have to deal with all the crazy up and down hormones and dryness that come from nursing.  When you are making love you don't want to be hurting (a little or a lot of pain may be your thing, whatever makes you hot).  When your sleep deprived, mentally out of it, and attentions have shifted from your partner to your baby, pain could be a huge turn off.  Solve your problem by investing in an expensive top of the line product, this is not an area where you scrimp or go cheap.  Honestly, you can never have enough LUBE, when in doubt use more!!!    

Lube suggestion:  A great lube is EROS and stay away from water based, you want this stuff to stay on, not absorbed. 

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