06 December 2012

04. Stop the Blame Game

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04.  Stop the Blame Game

You know this story...Many wives find themselves too tired for sex after a long day of taking care of kids, the house, random errands, taking care of the hubby, and possibly working outside of the home.  

Many women report that their spouse doesn't acknowledge how hard their lives are.  They say that they would have energy for sex if their husbands would help them with housework, help with the kids, and be more romantic or affectionate outside of the bedroom.  

Now the husbands also have their own reports.  Men get grouchy during the dry spells and need intimacy before they can be romantic or show other signs of love around the house.   

So how do we fix this catch 22???  The two of you just need to stop it!   Find a happy place, stop blaming your partner for not "getting" you in the mood.  The key is to find out how to feel good enough to make lovin' regardless of the day's circumstances.   What gets YOU to that happy place?  Spend 30 minutes or so each day getting in the mood!!!

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