30 October 2012

02. Create a Banner

 Passionate Bedrooms

02. Create a Banner

(picture from Blue Clear Skies)

 I really adore the LOVE banner.  This is such a cute idea and more original than any word art (I love word art by the way!).  You can easily make your own banner tied with pretty ribbons.  Get crafty and create the perfect LOVE banner for your headboard! 

29 October 2012

02. Tease His Ears

Pucker Up Baby...

02.  Tease his Ears

You're thinking, "his ear, really!"  Yes really!  Personally, I stay away from the ear canal, reminds me too much of wet-willy's and I don't enjoy the taste of ear wax! If you choose to go to town on the inner ear, you're a brave girl!  Guys love kisses on their earlobe, they can hear and feel your breath and it makes things more intense.  Give it a try, you might just get a kiss or two back.    

27 October 2012

Naughty Coupons

Glitter In The Air

Hot Date Ideas

(this batch is one of my favorites!)

I love freebies, don't you???  I've found a ton of free coupons on Hot Date Ideas, some are way cute so sift through until you find your favorites.  These coupons are sure to spark a little bit of naughty fun!

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE.

26 October 2012

02. Liberator black label wedge and ramp combo

Grown-Up Toys

02. LIBERATOR black label wedge and ramp combo.
I heart Liberator! 

Why I love this toy...Picture this, your trying to make love and you have to raise your hips or you're using 10 pillows to prop your hips up, your uncomfortable, and no matter what you do you can't quite get that good spot???  Say goodbye to those days!  With the wedge and ramp you are put into the ultimate pleasure making positions without all the effort.  The wedge and ramp can be used separately and or moved around in a ton of different and delightful ways.  The black label comes with straps for cuffs or other binding items that will make playing around easy and fun!  The foam is firm and isn't going to flatten under your weight.  The material is soft and removable for washing. I can go on and on but you just have to check it out!  They've always got some sort of amazing deal going.  Right now it's get $10 off for every $50 you spend. 

The only downfall is it's going to take some getting used to.  You'll have to play around with the shapes and figure out what you love and what you don't love.  You might want to watch a few videos or look at a their picture books to figure out fun positions to try.  This isn't such a bad downfall because playing around and trying new things is what makes loving wonderful! 

25 October 2012

02. Date Night at Home

Hot Baby Bumps

02. Date Night at Home

Who says you need a sitter to pay attention to each other?  While your baby is taking a nap or has been put down for the night this is the time to seize the moment!!! Ignore all the distractions that might pull you towards the tv, work, computer, phone, etc.  This is coveted time for just the two of you!!!

Have items on hand for a quick date night at home.  Conversation cards, a yummy snack for two, a bottle of sparkling cider, a deck of cards, battery operated flameless candles, or a favorite board game.  No TV, computer, phones, or baby/kid talk allowed!!!

Focusing on each other for a few hours or a few minutes can make a huge difference.  As new parents you are so busy with the baby and life. All too often a whole day will go by without a single touch or glance at each other. By making some time to be together you'll feel more connected and in touch with each other.

Trust me if you spend more one on one time together you'll be more likely to start having more sex, too!!!

24 October 2012

Love Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means gratitude is in the air!!! CHALLENGE yourself to send a little note each day of November of love, adoration, and thanks to your spouse. 

(photo take from adorebynat.blogspot.com)

Get your LOVE GRATITUDE ON!!!  The month os Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell your sweetie how much you appreciate, love, adore, respect, enjoy, and appreciate them. This is the perfect excuse to create a habit of gratitude. 

This CHALLENGE starts Nov. 1 through the 30th. It's simple...here's what you'll do:

1. Join the event by clicking here --->Love Gratitude Challenge Event Page

2. Write a heartfelt message each day to your spouse on their facebook page or in a message.

3. Then share your message from that experience, on the Tickled in Love facebook page 

4. Tag your honey in your post! Bragging about your sweetie in public is the best form of flattery!

This little challenge will force you to notice all those simple and little things your spouse does for you on a daily basis. Soon you will be head over heels in awe at the depth of your emotions for your partner. Not only will you get goose bumps thinking of them but your spouse will be anxious to check their facebook page or messages to see what lovely note awaits them. You will see a tremendous change in your relationship by simply leaving heartfelt messages of gratitude!

Are you ready to take on this challenge??? I know you are, get a head start by listing all the things your grateful for, so get ready to dazzle your spouse! 

PS. Feel free to share this with all your friends!

03. Little Monster

I have a cute little addition to add to my Glitter In The Air segment.

Glitter In The Air

03.  Little Monster

I found this cute little monster family activity from Little Family Fun. Isn't this monster adorable??? You make a monster, write a story, and send him off in the mail, love it! If you have kids that would love this activity than do it. If you're looking for grown up fun than here is my twist...Make a little monster that represents wicked and wild deeds. Write a little wicked and wild story to go along with your monster and place it in a kinda hidden spot for your spouse to find. Play tag with this monster all month long. This little monster might just stick around all year through. You could make this a fun Halloween couples tradition. 

For more cute ideas from my favorite finds click HERE

23 October 2012

01. Hot Chilies

How many of you have heard of APHRODISIACS??? They are foods that feed your sex drive. So of course my new segment is all about these snacks that will boost your sex drive and make you feel friskier!!!

Feed Your Sex Drive

01.  Hot Chilies

There is a little chemical found in these little fiery peppers called CAPSAICIN.  This wonderful chemical get's the blood pumping, which is good or any kind of exercise, which increases circulation to get the blood pumping and stimulates never endings.  In a nutshell eat some peppers they will make you feel more turned on!  

22 October 2012

01. Romantic Night In

Do you ever find yourself giving your honey a gift that is for the two of you? I do this all the time and my hubby loves it. It's a great way to say "I love us!" Sometimes I find myself a little unsure of what to get so this little section is for those of you who are just like me and need a little gift help. PS you don't need to buy all these gifts you can just collect things you have at home and wrap it up all pretty like.

Wrapped Up With Love

01. Romantic Night In

*Cocoa Body Butter Massage Lotion (You'll need a warmer to warm this)
*Tickler, Boa, or Feathers

Gather all items together and place them in a cute gift basket. Invest in a good basket that you could use for all your future "because I love us" gift sets.

20 October 2012

Fall Photos

It's fall picture time and everyone is doing it! I found a lovely site that is full of poses and tips for the photographer or for your family photos. If you're a photographer these tips will make all your pictures fabulous. If you've got photos coming up take a peek at some of these outfits and poses, you might want to steal a few ideas!!!! xox ♥

19 October 2012

01. Get Rid of Digital Distractions

You know those days where nothing seems to go right, you don't get a second to breath, or you are constantly being pulled in all sorts of directions. The last thing on your mind is getting it on! With this section "Bringing Sexy Back" we're sure to get you IN THE MOOD! 

Bringing Sexy Back

01.  Get rid of digital distractions. 

Stop checking your emails, texts, or spending time in front of the tv. The more you let distractions into your down time the less likely you'll be in the mood for sex. If you are continue to be distracted how are you ever going to think about sex, have enough time for sex, or feel like having sex? The first step to getting in the mood is to make time for it, so unplug (yes, I'm telling you to turn everything off and hide it if you need to!) and be distraction free!

18 October 2012

01. Halloween Eats

Party Rocking

01.  Halloween Eats

Halloween is almost here! If you are like me, you are still trying to decide what to do to entertain the adults. I've found a site that has tons of creative and yummy treats. Doesn't this picture look YUM! This dish along with a few of the other treat ideas are pretty unique. Oh and there are two different slides. This one starts off with 13. If you click past thirteen you'll get to the second slide of 22. There are some yummy treats in both slides. So click HERE and get your adult party started (Even if it's just the two of you!!!). Games and Decor ideas coming throughout the day. 

17 October 2012

01. Talk It Out

I'm excited about this new yummy section!!! Boys and girls pay attention...We are going to learn together how to "TALK DIRTY" to your spouse.

Talk Dirty To Me

01. Talk it Out

Sounds like this is obvious, right? But it's easy to say and not as easy to do. Talk with your partner and find out if talking dirty is something they have been craving to do. Or maybe you already talk dirty but not quite sure how to do it right. Or maybe you are too shy and don't think this is something you could pull off. When talking together you should create boundaries that you are comfortable with, that will get you hot and bothered, and that will give you the confidence to make their dreams come true!!! So get to talking before you get dirty.

16 October 2012

01. Pretty Lights

Yay to new stuff!!! I’m starting a new little section that is sure to help bring the spark back to wine and dine each other! This segment will be full of pretty food, romantic settings, and DIY crafts to add that perfect touch. Sounds divine, right?

Wine and Dine Em

01. Pretty Lights

A great way to make dinner, cuddling time, or dark rooms romantic is by adding a little light. Candles, mason jars, wine bottles, lamps, fireplace, or chandeliers bring romance to every setting. (Picture pinned to my wine & dine board on Pinterest...http://pinterest.com/tickledxox/wine-dine/

PS. Stay tuned, this week brings all sorts of fun, naughty, and creative NEW STUFF!!!

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15 October 2012

40. I Kiss You!

Bedroom Eyes

40.  I Kiss You!

Spend a loving session kissing every scrumptious inch of your honey. There are probably many, many places you have never kissed before. No fooling around till all the kisses are done! Think of all the yummy anticipation this can be! 

14 October 2012

17. Yes, Yes, Yes

Fight For Your Love

17.  Yes, Yes, Yes

This week focus on saying "yes" instead of saying "no." Don't worry about who's turn it is to take out the trash, put the kids to bed, or fill up the gas tank, stop tallying who did what last and who's turn it is next. Each time you say "YES" you are serving each other and creating a happier attitude and stronger relationship. xox ♥ 

12 October 2012

01. Yummy Chocolatey Art

"Play Dress Up" is a new section that is all about dressing up the things you have right at home and using them in delightful ways to please your partner.  I'm getting giddy just thinking about all the teasing possibilities!  Seriously you are going to look forward to this section just as much as I am!!!

Play Dress Up

01. Yummy Chocolate Art

Do you have chocolate bars, chips, or syrup in your kitchen?  If so, get a little frisky with em'.  October is the month for chocolate splurges, which means you should get a little creative and use them in more ways then one.  Discover new ways to paint your partner with an edible body paint, what a yummy treat!  Melt those bars or chips with a little bit of cooking oil or butter.  Or make a ganache with a bit of heavy whipping cream added to your mixture.  Or if syrup is your choice warm that up just a bit.  Now grab a brush, a finger, or your tongue and get your paint on!!!

11 October 2012

15. Wake Him Up

Chase Him Down

15. Wake Him Up

During the middle of the night or the early morning put on something sexy then wake him, pop a mint in his mouth, and lay a huge kiss on him.  Let your hands travel to all his happy regions and you’re sure to start your day off right.

06 October 2012

01. Touch Each Other

Pucker Up Baby...

01. Touch Each Other

Put your hands on their hips or around their waist and gently pull them toward you. Then, run your fingers through their hair, and cup their beautiful face in your hands. Slowly lean in toward them and kiss them sensuously on the cheek, making your way to their lips. While you kiss, caress their body and feel them getting goose bumps. 

04 October 2012

01. Pretty Pillows

Passionate Bedrooms

01.  Pretty Pillows

(photo from Nest Of Posies)

Your bedroom should be a room all about the two of you. It should be a loving and intimate space. Keep it kid and clutter free! One way to make your bedroom a lovely space is by using pretty pillows, yes I said pretty pillows!!! 

If you want to make these pillows visit Nest Of Posies for an easy to follow tutorial.  She's also got the type ready for you to print! 

How do you create a room that expresses your love?