26 October 2012

02. Liberator black label wedge and ramp combo

Grown-Up Toys

02. LIBERATOR black label wedge and ramp combo.
I heart Liberator! 

Why I love this toy...Picture this, your trying to make love and you have to raise your hips or you're using 10 pillows to prop your hips up, your uncomfortable, and no matter what you do you can't quite get that good spot???  Say goodbye to those days!  With the wedge and ramp you are put into the ultimate pleasure making positions without all the effort.  The wedge and ramp can be used separately and or moved around in a ton of different and delightful ways.  The black label comes with straps for cuffs or other binding items that will make playing around easy and fun!  The foam is firm and isn't going to flatten under your weight.  The material is soft and removable for washing. I can go on and on but you just have to check it out!  They've always got some sort of amazing deal going.  Right now it's get $10 off for every $50 you spend. 

The only downfall is it's going to take some getting used to.  You'll have to play around with the shapes and figure out what you love and what you don't love.  You might want to watch a few videos or look at a their picture books to figure out fun positions to try.  This isn't such a bad downfall because playing around and trying new things is what makes loving wonderful! 

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