19 October 2012

01. Get Rid of Digital Distractions

You know those days where nothing seems to go right, you don't get a second to breath, or you are constantly being pulled in all sorts of directions. The last thing on your mind is getting it on! With this section "Bringing Sexy Back" we're sure to get you IN THE MOOD! 

Bringing Sexy Back

01.  Get rid of digital distractions. 

Stop checking your emails, texts, or spending time in front of the tv. The more you let distractions into your down time the less likely you'll be in the mood for sex. If you are continue to be distracted how are you ever going to think about sex, have enough time for sex, or feel like having sex? The first step to getting in the mood is to make time for it, so unplug (yes, I'm telling you to turn everything off and hide it if you need to!) and be distraction free!

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