12 October 2012

01. Yummy Chocolatey Art

"Play Dress Up" is a new section that is all about dressing up the things you have right at home and using them in delightful ways to please your partner.  I'm getting giddy just thinking about all the teasing possibilities!  Seriously you are going to look forward to this section just as much as I am!!!

Play Dress Up

01. Yummy Chocolate Art

Do you have chocolate bars, chips, or syrup in your kitchen?  If so, get a little frisky with em'.  October is the month for chocolate splurges, which means you should get a little creative and use them in more ways then one.  Discover new ways to paint your partner with an edible body paint, what a yummy treat!  Melt those bars or chips with a little bit of cooking oil or butter.  Or make a ganache with a bit of heavy whipping cream added to your mixture.  Or if syrup is your choice warm that up just a bit.  Now grab a brush, a finger, or your tongue and get your paint on!!!

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