25 October 2012

02. Date Night at Home

Hot Baby Bumps

02. Date Night at Home

Who says you need a sitter to pay attention to each other?  While your baby is taking a nap or has been put down for the night this is the time to seize the moment!!! Ignore all the distractions that might pull you towards the tv, work, computer, phone, etc.  This is coveted time for just the two of you!!!

Have items on hand for a quick date night at home.  Conversation cards, a yummy snack for two, a bottle of sparkling cider, a deck of cards, battery operated flameless candles, or a favorite board game.  No TV, computer, phones, or baby/kid talk allowed!!!

Focusing on each other for a few hours or a few minutes can make a huge difference.  As new parents you are so busy with the baby and life. All too often a whole day will go by without a single touch or glance at each other. By making some time to be together you'll feel more connected and in touch with each other.

Trust me if you spend more one on one time together you'll be more likely to start having more sex, too!!!

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