24 October 2012

Love Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means gratitude is in the air!!! CHALLENGE yourself to send a little note each day of November of love, adoration, and thanks to your spouse. 

(photo take from adorebynat.blogspot.com)

Get your LOVE GRATITUDE ON!!!  The month os Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell your sweetie how much you appreciate, love, adore, respect, enjoy, and appreciate them. This is the perfect excuse to create a habit of gratitude. 

This CHALLENGE starts Nov. 1 through the 30th. It's simple...here's what you'll do:

1. Join the event by clicking here --->Love Gratitude Challenge Event Page

2. Write a heartfelt message each day to your spouse on their facebook page or in a message.

3. Then share your message from that experience, on the Tickled in Love facebook page 

4. Tag your honey in your post! Bragging about your sweetie in public is the best form of flattery!

This little challenge will force you to notice all those simple and little things your spouse does for you on a daily basis. Soon you will be head over heels in awe at the depth of your emotions for your partner. Not only will you get goose bumps thinking of them but your spouse will be anxious to check their facebook page or messages to see what lovely note awaits them. You will see a tremendous change in your relationship by simply leaving heartfelt messages of gratitude!

Are you ready to take on this challenge??? I know you are, get a head start by listing all the things your grateful for, so get ready to dazzle your spouse! 

PS. Feel free to share this with all your friends!

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