24 November 2010

Putting up the tree

with thanksgiving right around the corner i start thinking of traditions. one of my favorite traditions is to decorating the Christmas tree together on black friday. This is a great tradition to start. Play Christmas music and sing along, have hot chocolate, and watch a Christmas movie. When you have kids make this a family event. Make sure to take time out for just the two of you.  Put the kids to sleep and purchase or make an ornament that revolves around your love story. Talk about what you are most thankful for this year or share memories of your best Christmas’ together while baking a Christmas treat. xoxo

18 November 2010

blissful tip:

If you want to have a blissful relationship, don't ruin the chances by introducing things into your relationship until you are ready for it. I'm constantly bewildered when people can't figure out why they keep having failed relationships when they muddle them with physical intimacy.


It's fairly common for couples to kiss on their first date, begin caressing soon afterwards and start a sexual relationship within a few weeks or months of knowing each other.

I'm going to boldly state that our bodies and minds are not designed for sexual relationships until marriage/life-time commitment. The two go hand and hand and to try to separate them causes a lot of emotional turmoil in our relationships.

Sex is wonderful and very special and saving it for the wedding night is treating it as something special. Sharing it with practically everyone you date makes it rather ordinary.

I've talked with quite a few people who waited to begin a sexual relationship until they were married and none of them have regretted it. I've chatted with numerous people who began a sexual relationship before the wedding and practically all of them had

Now, I am NOT advocating that you blindly marry someone without knowing their thoughts, ideas, dreams and wishes are regarding sex.
Questions about sex should be discussed prior to marriage.

While waiting to have sex until you are married won't guarantee a blissful relationship, it will certainly cause your mate to honor
and respect you much more than if you didn't.

Love, marriage and sex -- let's keep them in that order. xoxo

17 November 2010

03. Aphrodisiac Oils

Bedroom Eyes

03. Aphrodisiac Oils

Oils with these scents are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities: sandalwood, ylang ylang, black pepper, orange blossom, rose, cardamom, patchouli, jasmine and clary sage. 

xox ♥

16 November 2010

It's the little things...

Giving postcards or "hints" about a future secret location date to tease and build anticipation. xoxo

13 November 2010

charms to treasure:

an anniversary tradition idea: give your spouse as many red roses as married years. each anniversary think of a creative way to deliver the roses. Continued below is an idea for an anniversary in the teens:  Place a stem tube of water on each rose. Arrange with neighbors, friends, coworkers who live near you, even their parents to deliver a rose to your spouse on your anniversary. Spend the day before your anniversary delivering the roses. When the alarm goes off on the morning of your anniversary pull out rose #1 from under the bed and gave it to them. #2 and #3 they soon will get as they wake your children for school. All day long people will continue to show up at the door with a rose. Have the coworkers take their lunch break to deliver so they can be in on it. Upon coming home from work, bring the few left overs to complete the set. The cost will only be slightly more than usual, but the effect will be immeasurably greater. xoxo

12 November 2010

Amateur comedy show

Amateur Comedy Show: Laugh it up during open mic night at a comedy club. Admission rates are cheaper when you watch amateurs take the stage. xoxo

11 November 2010

let's talk:

let's talk: What is it about newlyweds that set them apart from couples who have been married for years? Here is my list of observations.  You might be mistaken for a newlywed if you...Often hold hands in public. Display other proper affection in public: wrapping arms around each other, casually kiss, gently stroke another's hair from time to time Refer to each other with endearing terms like *my bride* or *my handsome husband.* Want to be near each other in social occasions, not as far apart as possible. Refrain from insulting one another. Comment how beautiful, kind, smart, caring, etc. your mate is to others. Make each other smile or laugh often. If people don't mistake you for being newlywed, then ask yourself why.

What blissful tips do you have to keeping your marriage fresh?


10 November 2010

blissful tip:

It is a well-documented statistic that couples that have dated for a year or longer before marriage have a significantly lower rate of divorce than those who married after a short dating period. A year of dating gives time for many emotions to surface and many character traits to be discovered.  You may adore someone in the spring, but despise him or her in the winter. Asking someone for his or her hand in marriage on the third date isn't romantic. It's gambling.


09 November 2010

02. Romantic Word of the Day

Bedroom Eyes

02.  Romantic Word of the Day

In order to keep passion in a relationship alive, there are times we
must drop what we are doing and be romantic. In order to keep myself primed for doing this, I created *The Romantic Word of the Day*.

Only I know the word (which is chosen in the morning by me). It may
be the word "ecstatic," or "appreciate," or "beautiful," or
any other word that may or may not arise during that
day. But, when it does, I must drop what I am doing, and take a
few minutes time out for love and affection. Which, quite often, gets
met with a wonderful response.

Can't think of a better way to enrich my vocabulary and my

08 November 2010

the little things:

Taking a picture of something romantic (like a large love note) for your sweetheart to find when he or she develops the roll or looks at the photos on the camera. xoxo

so they say:

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a compliment, or a small act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. 

 if love is the driving fuel, come journey with me, and fill me again....carol E. Duron


02 September 2010

let's talk:

Do you need to hear “I love you” or similar words on a regular basis from your partner? xoxo


31 August 2010

blissful tip:

Don't use all your effort on trying to keep your spouse to stick around instead spend almost all your time molding yourself into a great husband or wife. Once you've made yourself great, keeping a spouse is much less difficult. Take care of yourself and become the best you can be. Learn to be patient and forgiving. The rest will fall into place. xoxo

28 August 2010

01. Warm Towel

Bedroom Eyes

01. Warm Towel

Wait for your mate to step out of the shower and dry him or her off with a fluffy towel that has just been warmed in the dryer.


27 August 2010

so they say:

“Love is everything it’s cracked up to be…it really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” Erica Jong xoxo

26 August 2010

It’s the little things:

fill a basket of for your love with all their favorite "junk"...xoxo

23 August 2010

So they say:

“Quietly as rosebuds talk to thin air. Love came so lightly I know not he was there…” 

Shaw Neilson 


22 August 2010

Blissful Tips

# 1…Go out at least once a week. Simple ideas: a brown bag dinner in the park, a walk around the lake, a root-beer float at an ice cream shop or putting the kids to bed early and talking. Revisit the things that you did when you were dating, like going to a movie or a nice relaxing dinner for two.  After being "pulled apart" by all the pressures of life, it is imperative to reconnect each week.


#2…Think about a chore your spouse really hates to do...now how about doing it for them occasionally! nothing will make both of you happier then spontaneous acts of kindness... 




I’m excited to tell you that I finally have pictures and information about all of my gifts up on my romantic gifts xoxo blog…make sure to take a look, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.


10 July 2010

Love Tip:

in the morning gently stroke your beloved's body while gently whispering, "this is your morning wake-up call."  He or she might think it is an incredible dream until they wake up and realize it is even better- it is for real.  xoxo 

08 July 2010

Date Idea:

Take photographs of each other in a fun setting, vacation, or memorable moments and make a slide show of it. Both of you prepare your slide show in advance and enjoy the memories. Maybe even have a contest to see who can make the cutest, funniest, most romantic, or whatever contest you can come up with. The winner gets something special from the other person. xoxo ♥

29 June 2010

Dancing 1010

Cut out a picture of the two of you dancing.  Then type up 101 reasons why you love him/her.  Paste the 101 reasons around the picture.  Frame your creation.  Wrap it up or hang it for your spouse to discover.   

28 June 2010

"True romance is to grown-ups what the entire inventory of a toy store is to children."  -Marianne Williamson

22 June 2010

gift idea that you will want to turn into a date night

Make the night a little hotter, sweeter or sexier with a little somethin'-somethin' from an adult shop.  Don't show your spouse what you've chosen, then check out separately and surprise your spouse with something you've never tried before.  Take it home and use it!

20 June 2010

right around the corner

"As a man, I can tell you our needs are simple. We want to be fed, we want our kids mothered, and we want lovin'."

Father's day is right around the corner...if you still haven't gotten your man anything yet we've got an idea. take him out for a night of pottery painting. make something that is all about the two of you. then reenact ghost when you return home! what are you're cute Dad's day ideas??? xoxo ♥

13 June 2010


i like a good debate so let's start one...should your mate flirt with someone other then yourself? is there such a thing as innocent flirting? if so, where do you draw the line at what's appropriate and what isn't? xoxo ♥

11 June 2010

Summer Time

All the kids are home and you're both running here and there to meet all of summers demands like the pool, camping, sleep overs, and the such. So when are you finding time for just the two of you??? I wonder how you find time when you're being pulled here and there. i know some of you have special time just for the two of you. i know most of us have great ideas but we just never find the time to follow through with them. So help a girl out and share some of your romantic outings or ideas with us!!!

I'll start with an idea I thought of when summer was teasing us a few months ago. Was walking through Costco and came across two water soakers. We don't have kids but I was sure I could find a good use for these. Then the weather got cold and we've been stuck inside until just recently. So my idea is to take our guns to a field that has a few trees and obstacles to get in our way. Set up a playing zone. Fill up one gun with red water and the other with blue. Get us both dressed up in grubbies and a white shirt. Let the whistle blow and run as fast as I can before he shots me. I would love to play paint ball but I'm a wimp so I think this will work just as great! Now i just need to find an area to play!!!

26 March 2010

it's boutique time

we are finally doing our boutique...i have been excitedly anticipating this weekend.  check out our cheeky boutique blog to take a peek at all of our fun stuff. http://cheekyboutique.blogspot.com/

i finally have a few pictures of some of my crafts.  These are a few samples of the things that i sell.  soon i will be setting up my etsy shop and will give you all more details!!!

this is just one of the games...this is a box that's full of hearts for you to fill out with sweet nothings.  

edible body sugar shimmers and frostings.  the shimmers come in three flavors and the frostings come in two flavors.  this will bring color to your love life. 

you can't miss out on these ticklers!  they are so whimsical and darling.  the feel amazing when lightly stroked over arms, legs, back, and so on.  Your loved one will be begging for more tickle time!

i also sell scentsy.  the prices have gone down a bit, which is exciting news!  we have some adorable new warmers, like blynkyn, and some new mid sizes available. we have in some tantalizing new scents like blueberry cheesecake, plum delicious, havana cabana, and sugar, which are selling quick.  i've only got a few left.  of course i can order more but for those of you who like immediate satisfaction you'll need to stop by soon!  


09 February 2010

poems and such...

I love collecting poems or quotes...I often times am enthralled by them because it's a talent I can't quite master.  Once upon a time I wrote a poem to my love and surprise, surprise!...I couldn't believe that I wrote it.  I'll share my poem bellow only to show you that anything is possible if you take a moment and reflect on the love you have for your spouse.  You will become a poet in more ways then one, trust me!!!  So take a moment from your busy day and create your own masterpiece.  This will be a great token to present to your Valentine!

All Encompassing Love

Your love is like a babies lullaby
that carries me to undiscovered lands of enchanted dreams.

Your love is like a bubbling brook
that strokes and polishes all that is beneath and above, until it has left its touch on every smoothed surface.

Your love is like a child’s laughter
that is infectious music which brings a twinkle to my eye and a giggle to my lips.

Your love is like a windstorm
that blows here and there, making the leaves dance with its presence.

Your love is like a favorite pair of jeans
that hug all the right curves and camouflage all the imperfections accentuating your true beauty.

Your love is like a shooting star
that catches your eye when you least expect it; through the observation you are awed and mystified.

Your love is like a used book
so well read yet enthralling with every turn of the page.  The story always shines with new luster as the words course through your veins, syllable by syllable until you are hooked.

You love is like a day at the beach
the break of the tide is sweet swooshing in your ears.  The waves encircle you and pull you in without any force or demands.  The contact of the sand tickles your feet and clings to every part of your being.

Your love
is a promise of all things past, present, and future.
Your love
is a gift of experiences created and experiences yet to come.
Your love
is an expression in great things that are accomplished by small things.
Your love
is a breath that fills my lungs and whispers a beat to my heart.
Your love
is a mirror that constantly reflects
Your love
in all the world around me. 

03 February 2010

Streamers Galore-Gift Idea

It's about that time where you need to think outside the box...flowers, chocolates, and kisses are nice but changing it up a little bit is always fun.  This is an easy way to say "I Love You!!!"   Tape heart shapes to ends of  pink, white, red, and grey streamers.  Then tape the non-heart side of the streamer to the bottom of the garage door.  As your spouse opens the garage door they will be greeted with a lovely surprise.  xoxo 

15 January 2010

Candle Treasure Hunt-Date Idea

Create a candle treasure hunt.  Leave a candle lit somewhere near the front door.  Next to the candle leave a note such as, "Go to the next candle."  Place the next candle a little further into the house.  Leave a trail of notes and candles until you reach your final destination.  There leave a note that says something like, "Why were you walking around in the dark, turn on the light."  You can have a love song begin to play at that moment, a candlelit dinner for two, or you holding a gift, or you just standing there all cute.

Tickle Me with Your Love

i love to collect date and gift ideas, quotes, and pick up lines. i know i cant be the only one with this obsession.  so i thought it might be fun to start a blog where we can all share our favorite "tickled in love" ideas.  So get creative with me and share away!!!