11 November 2010

let's talk:

let's talk: What is it about newlyweds that set them apart from couples who have been married for years? Here is my list of observations.  You might be mistaken for a newlywed if you...Often hold hands in public. Display other proper affection in public: wrapping arms around each other, casually kiss, gently stroke another's hair from time to time Refer to each other with endearing terms like *my bride* or *my handsome husband.* Want to be near each other in social occasions, not as far apart as possible. Refrain from insulting one another. Comment how beautiful, kind, smart, caring, etc. your mate is to others. Make each other smile or laugh often. If people don't mistake you for being newlywed, then ask yourself why.

What blissful tips do you have to keeping your marriage fresh?


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