18 November 2010

blissful tip:

If you want to have a blissful relationship, don't ruin the chances by introducing things into your relationship until you are ready for it. I'm constantly bewildered when people can't figure out why they keep having failed relationships when they muddle them with physical intimacy.


It's fairly common for couples to kiss on their first date, begin caressing soon afterwards and start a sexual relationship within a few weeks or months of knowing each other.

I'm going to boldly state that our bodies and minds are not designed for sexual relationships until marriage/life-time commitment. The two go hand and hand and to try to separate them causes a lot of emotional turmoil in our relationships.

Sex is wonderful and very special and saving it for the wedding night is treating it as something special. Sharing it with practically everyone you date makes it rather ordinary.

I've talked with quite a few people who waited to begin a sexual relationship until they were married and none of them have regretted it. I've chatted with numerous people who began a sexual relationship before the wedding and practically all of them had

Now, I am NOT advocating that you blindly marry someone without knowing their thoughts, ideas, dreams and wishes are regarding sex.
Questions about sex should be discussed prior to marriage.

While waiting to have sex until you are married won't guarantee a blissful relationship, it will certainly cause your mate to honor
and respect you much more than if you didn't.

Love, marriage and sex -- let's keep them in that order. xoxo

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