30 November 2011

08. Sex Does a Body Good!!!

Bedroom Eyes

08.  Sex Does A Body Good

We spend countless hours and dollars to doll ourselves up, but Mother Nature has given us women an au natural way to turn heads: S-E-X.

Sure, there’s a time and a place for perfectly applied eyeliner and not-a-strand-out-of-place hair. But really, what’s hotter than devil-may-care, mussed up bedhead and a swagger that just won’t quit? 

Sex is the ultimate beauty enhancer. No product or procedure can beat getting down and dirty in making you even more gorgeous. During the next few days check out these eight reasons why.

Adapted from You Beauty. xox ♥

29 November 2011

I love you but...

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I love you but don't completely like you today? If you say yes, do you do anything special or different on those days to remind yourself and your spouse that you love them no matter what??? 


16. Jerry Maquire

I love you. You… you complete me.


28 November 2011

Do you tell???

I recently watched the new episode of Parenthood. Did you happen to see the last episode? If not I'll give a little background before posing a question. Two men work at a recording studio. One is married, and one is not. These men hire a beautiful young assistant. She dresses provocatively to work and tries to act seductive. The married man tells her that she doesn't need to dress that way to get attention. He reminds her that she's smart and has more to offer then just appearances. One night they are celebrating and drinking at work. Married guy offers to take her home. He walks her to her door and she throws herself on him and kisses him. So the question I pose is the one this married man asks the single guy. Do I tell my wife? The single guy says, "No, don't tell her, relieving your guilt by telling her is unfair to her and it will only make her feel bad about herself." Does this sound like sound advice? If this was your friend what advice would you give? If this was your husband would you want to know? If you are the married guy do you tell your wife? xoxo

Sugar, Sweetie, Hunk, Sexy...

Little romantic gestures are always worth a little bit of extra work. Make sugar cookies to surprise your love with. Shape them into hearts and decorate them with icing with different pet names and sayings that you two use with each other. Once dried put them in a cute tin and present your gift. They will enjoy reading the cookies as much as eating them. xoxo

27 November 2011

Season of Sharing

A great way to celebrate the season of sharing is to create a tradition of service. Choose a family or friend to focus on and find little ways to secretly serve them. Buy gifts for each member of the family and doorbell ditch them. Or volunteer at a food shelter, nursing home, or hospital. There are soo many possibilities available for the two of you to serve others in your community. xoxo

15. Forrest Gump

I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.

This is one of my all time favorites. And this has to be one of the best lines in that movie! I love it! xoxo

07. Not So Silly

Bedroom Eyes

07.  Not So Silly

This may sound a little bit silly, but it works...Greet him naked. xox ♥

26 November 2011

14. Emma (1996)

Maybe it is our imperfections which make us so perfect for one another.


simple expressions

I love surprising my hubby with little things. He's a fireman and works 48 hours and then returns early in the morning. Occasionally I'll make him breakfast the night before he returns home. When he gets home he finds little notes directing him to the fridge. I also write love notes on his napkin or on a decorated piece of paper. This is a simple little thing but sometimes little things are huge things to those we love. I encourage you to find a simple expression of love that makes your spouse delight in happiness! xoxo

25 November 2011

13. The End Of The Affair

You see I never stopped loving you, even though I couldn’t see you.


Sleigh Ride

Winter Date: Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
Cost: Around $50 
Perks: View the scenery in a very romantic way. Let someone else do the driving while you cuddle and snuggle up to your love. Everyone else will be jealous and wish they were the two of you. 

Many of these rides take place in a scenic area. Sometimes they are in the city others they are in the mountains. They will usually provide warm b
lankets but it's always a great idea to bring your own. You can find rides that are packaged with a romantic dinner. If you are smart you will dress warmly and will bring a hot beverage to help keep you warm.

If you have any winter date ideas please share them!!! Winter lasts for quite a few months and I would love to have a new date idea to share each week so we don't get the winter love blues!!! xoxo

Putting up the Tree

Another seasonal tradition that's a for sure, most do around our house is put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. I've noticed that in our neighborhood the trend seems to be putting up lights on Thanksgiving day. What traditional moments do you share as a family or spouse when putting up your tree or lights??? xoxo

24 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you spread the love!!! 

I'm thankful for a healthy and strong man. We spent part of our day with a very pregnant firefighter wife and her family. A few weeks ago her husband had a stroke. He was in a coma for a couple of weeks and has now been transported to another section of the hospital. Each day they witness little improvements and they continually hope for more. They have a long journey ahead of them. Stories like this remind me of how fragile life is. What lies ahead is a mystery to us so we should treasure each moment we have and live the best life we can. xoxo

Season of Love

I love this season of thanksgiving and love! I am thankful for soo many wonderful blessings in my life and I don't have the words to quite express how grateful I am. 

I challenge you to take a moment out of your day and tell those you love how much you appreciate them in your life. If you get a chance to stand before a crowd and express your thankfulness, publicly mention your spouse. 

I also challenge you to make this season of thanksgiving a permanent season in your life. Sometimes those we love the most don't realize it because we don't take the time to verbally express or show it. Shower your spouse with love all year round and you will discover that you've got the whole world in your hands!

xoxo ♥

23 November 2011

12. Crazy / Beautiful

"There are millions of people in this world, but in the end it all comes down to one. I still panic sometimes, forget to breathe, but I know that there’s something beautiful in my imperfections; the beauty that he held up for me to see. The strength that I will never be able to say."

I've never seen this movie but I'm going to guess this has to be a guy talking about his girl. There's no greater hope, peace, comfort, and strength then being fiercely loved by someone who will stand by you through your weakest moments. xoxo ♥

Love Gratitude Challenge

I'm thankful for a man who sends me ♥ fluttering texts like the one I received today..."I am happy to take out the trash for you! You make my heart melt anytime you caress me, or even the soft look from your beautiful amber eyes. The playful giggle that tells me you're still willing to make me feel special by letting me think I'm funny. I'll go to the end of the world for you my love. :*" Don't you want to fall in love with him??? I know I fall in love over and over again with this guy!!! 

ps I couldn't help but share this with you guys and yes, I asked for permission first! xoxo ♥

Christmas Breakfast

A family tradition that I love came from a dear friend of mine. When she was growing up her family made a big deal about Christmas breakfast. Now that everyone has grown up, married, and started families of their own they get together in the evening on Christmas Eve and have a huge breakfast. So now at my home we have a huge breakfast brunch on Christmas day. xoxo ♥

Ice Cream Stickies...

I just saw this and thought it was too cute to pass up. Made me start thinking about how that cute comment appeared on a box of ice cream and who put it there. Got me thinking about a fun date idea. Any ideas that came to your mind??? xoxo ♥

love gratitude challenge

I'm thankful for a hubby who always remembers to take the trash out for me!!! xoxo ♥

22 November 2011


With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas not far behind it makes me think about family and traditions. I love the movie Fiddler on the Roof.  I love how dear their traditions are to their heart and how passionate they are about them.  Their traditions keep their family and beliefs strong.  Growing up we had tons of traditions. As I have started a family of my own some traditions have carried on, new ones have started, and some have slipped by the way side. I'm always looking for a tradition that is worth starting during the holidays. So maybe you can help me start one by sharing one of your family traditions, including those just with your spouse, that you cherish and look forward to each year??? xoxo ♥

11. The Bridges of Madison County

"It seems right now that all I’ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you."

xoxo ♥

Were you Sex Smart

Ok, so were you as Sex Smart as you thought you were??? lol I was excited to see what answers I would get from all of you so thanks for playing!!! xoxo ♥

Love Gratitude Challenge

I love that my hubby showers with me with loving and adorable compliments. There are days that I feel like a fuddy duddy and need a pick me up and he's always there to whisper sweet nothings. xoxo ♥

21 November 2011

Sex Smarts 13

Sexual activity can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack in older people.


This is our last question for this quiz. xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 12

The G-spot is a sexually sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy found in the anterior vaginal wall.


xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 11.

Most women can have an orgasm without direct stimulation of the clitoris.


xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 10

What percentage of men say they always have an orgasm during sex with their partner?

- 93

xoxo ♥

20 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge

I love that my husband is not only willing to serve others but that he looks for ways to serve whenever possible. xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 09

What percentage of women say they always have an orgasm during sex with their partner?


Sex Smarts 08

Most women under age 60 think about sex less than once a day.


Sex Smarts 07

Older women are more likely to experience orgasm when sex is within the context of a relationship.


Sex Smarts 06

Stress can make a man’s penis shrink.



Sex Smarts 05

How long is it before the average man ejaculates during sexual intercourse?

-5.4 minutes
-9.1 minutes
-18.7 minutes
-32.6 minutes

xoxo ♥

19 November 2011

Love Challenge

I'm thankful for a thoughtful hubby who buys me lots and lots of my special dark chocolate bars!!! xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 04

Which gender has a higher preference for reaching orgasm through oral sex?


xoxo ♥

Sex Smarts 03

What’s the average length of an erect penis?

-4 to 5 inches
-5 to 6 inches
-7 to 8 inches
-8 to 10 inches

xoxo ♥

18 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge

I'm thankful for a guy who loves to keep in shape as much as I do. We are gym rats and typically go to the gym 6 days a week. Now you would think we could handle anything the gym throws our way! But recently we have started a new kicking our butt workout, well kicking mine more then his. I appreciate that he is willing to step out of our normal routine and try something new with me. And the cherry on top, he does pull ups like a champ and while he's resting he helps me with mine! Can't get any sweeter then that!!! xoxo ♥

sex smarts 02

02.  In which of the following ways are men's and women's sex drives different?

-Women are more likely to call themselves bisexual

-Women are more influenced by the attitudes of their peer group in decisions about sex

-A woman's willingness to perform various sexual practices is more likely to change over time

-All of the above

Sex Smarts 01

How many times a year does the average American couple have sex?


Are you sex smart?

How much do you know about sex? Let's take a sex smarts quiz to find out. During the weekend I'll pose 14 different questions and each question has a statistic for the answer. Are you ready to get started?!? I sure hope so... xoxo ♥

10. Big Fish

Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring.

xoxo ♥

17 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge

I am thankful for a spouse who believes in continually working to make a marriage healthy, strong, and tantalizing. It isn't always easy so get to work! xoxo ♥

Happily Married Week

If your spouse is still your best friend, works extremely hard, has been with you through triumphs and tragedies, who loves you when you're at your worst, whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy and post this with the year you got married...xoxo

Spa Glow

Winter Date: Glow Spa
Cost: Around $5 max
Perks:  You'll be able to stay at home and enjoy this date as long as you wish to.   You're sure to have a lot of play time and a little bit of time to relax. 

This idea comes from Mellissa Lewis and I've added a tickled spin to it: 

Create a hot bubble bath. Prepare two cool things to drink and set them near the tub. Have a few hand towels that you can use for neck warmers. Ignite a few or a lot of glow sticks. Throw a few in the tub, on the side of the tub, maybe even wear one around your neck or ankle. Turn off all the lights. Grab your partner and lead them to the glow spa you've prepared. Undress each other in the flickering glowing light and have a fabulous time relaxing a little and playing a lot!

If you have any winter date ideas please share them!!! Winter lasts for quite a few months and I would love to have a new date idea to share each week so we don't get the winter love blues!!! 

ps Thanks Mellissa for sharing your idea with all of us!!! xoxo 

16 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge:

I am a touchy girl and I love that I have a man who lets me hold hands, caress, and rub him whenever I want! xoxo ♥

06. Serious Business

Bedroom Eyes

06.  Serious Business

Is sex serious business at your house? If so let loose and lighten up a bit. This should be a time where you can laugh and giggle at yourselves and get down right silly! How do you include "play time" into your love making at your house??? xox ♥

09. City of Angels

"I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it."

I remember the first I saw this movie.  It took my breath away and left me crying for hours after leaving the theater.  Funny how movies can have such a powerful and lasting impression, even though we know they are just fantasy.  I think we are all intrigued by stories of others whether they are real or not.  xoxo ♥

15 November 2011

Love Gratitude Challenge

I'm grateful for a husband who just listens to me complain and vent my frustrations without offering a way to fix "it." Sometimes we just need you to listen. xoxo ♥


Be the first to apologize. This is a hard one but it is the best way to clear the air and make everyone happy. xoxo ♥

14 November 2011

Love Challenge

I'm thankful for a husband who brushes my hair as we watch the Sing Off. As if this wasn't enough he then proceeds to reminisce about our dating years and how one of the songs featured on the show has always reminded him of me. Breath taking moments are worth treasuring and being grateful for!!! xoxo ♥

08. Somewhere in Time

"I can almost see him now before me. What would I say to him, if he were really here? Forgive me, I have never known this feeling. I’ve lived without it all my life. Is it any wonder, then, that I fail to recognize you? You– who brought it to me for the first time. Is there any way I can tell you how my life has changed? Any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me? There is so much to say…I cannot find the words. Except for these– I love you!"

I know some of you aren't old enough to remember this movie. Get out the pillows, pop popcorn, dim the lights and rent this for date night. It's a story about timeless love. xoxo ♥

Benefit of the Doubt

Don't be quick to anger. Be kind and remember that your spouse has the best in mind for you. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt. When it feels like they might be attacking you or nagging you remember they love you. Let go of your pride and ask them to clarify their statement, find out if they meant to be mean. You'll be surprised at how often we misinterpret bad intentions for good ones. xoxo ♥

13 November 2011

gratitude love challenge:

I'm thankful that I have a man who takes naps with me on our lazy sabbath afternoons and visits with my family. xoxo ♥

07. Braveheart

"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it."

I fell in love with this movie a long time ago.  I fall in love with Mel Gibson and his secret wife.  I always hope she won't get caught, as if hoping hard enough will change the outcome of the movie.   This is a true love story.  xoxo  ♥

warm and cozy

Warm up your spouse's towel in the dryer and hand them a cozy warm towel as they step out of the shower.  xoxo  ♥

12 November 2011

love challenge

I'm grateful for a man who believes in me and encourages me when I am struggling to believe in myself.  xoxo  ♥

Now I've Done IT!

I almost have my .com.  This is a huge deal!  I have probably been working on this for several days straight.  I'm not hip on computer lingo and all this high tech stuff.  So what has taken me days and days might have taken a couple hours for the brainiacs out there.  So please visit me, share me with your friends, and browse a little.  xoxo 
my .com 

Mushy Movies...

06. The English Patient

"I promise I'll come back for you.  I promise I'll never leave you."

Toothache sweet!  xoxo  ♥

Outdoor Ice Skating

ok so I'm guessing no one likes outdoor dates in the winter time???  lol, I think I'm just going to have to get myself in the mood with some ideas.

Winter Date: Outdoor Ice Skating
Cost: Around $8-$12 per person, skate rental might be included
Perks: You'll get your cardio pumping.  Your man can hold you the whole night long.  Great idea for the whole family or a group date.

 I've never done this.  I'm always cold in the indoor rinks so going outside just seems too cold for me.  Then I see movies where outdoor skating looks like the way to go.  The scenery around the rink is always beautiful.  Everyone is bundled up in fluffy warm clothes.  People who skate outdoors are always in love or they are kids having a blast.  So this year I have already bought tickets, we are going to get a few friends to join us, and we are for sure bringing a hot drink.

Seriously I could use all the winter ideas you've got!  xoxo  ♥

11 November 2011

Love Challenge

I'm grateful that my hubby keeps in touch with me throughout the day with sweet messages to let me know he's thinking of me.  xoxo  ♥

Daring the Winter

Winter for me is a hard time to plan anything outside of the house because I just get so darn cold. After staying at home a few nights in a row you decide a little bit of adventure is worth a little bit of cold. So help me get a little bit more daring! What activities do you find enjoyable during the winter??? Either with your family or just your hubby/wife??? xoxo ♥

I'm back!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for such a long time.  I have been busy trying to make new products, get my name out there, and slaving away on our back yard!

I'm happy to say I have had a chance to do a little bit of my Tickled in Love stuff and a lot of the backyard stuff.  lol

I am excited to tell you that I am having the best love contest around.  I am trying to spread the love this season by having a drawing for friends referrals.  The more friends you refer the bigger and better your chances are in the drawings.  Find out more info about the drawing and gift baskets at Tickled in Love on facebook.  The drawing will take place a week or so before Christmas.  Just in time to celebrate in all sorts of sexy ways!  Remember it's easy to get involved all you gotta do is refer your friends.  Have them follow the blog, like the facebook page, or follow me on twitter.  Remind your friends to mention that you sent them so you can get points!

Spreading the word has been a little bit tougher then I thought so I've finally taken the plunge into 2011 and joined twitter.  If you've got an account make sure you find Tickled in Love and follow me!.

See, I have been busy!

So all of you that have hung in with me, even though I have been lame, I heart you guys!!!