20 November 2011

Sex Smarts 07

Older women are more likely to experience orgasm when sex is within the context of a relationship.



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  2. The correct answer is false...Women over 50 are more likely to report orgasm when a sexual event is with someone who is not a relationship partner. Researchers speculate that many newly divorced or widowed women may find the novelty of a new partner.

    ps. I meant to skip over this question. I actually find it a little sad. Long term relationships are not dangerous or mysterious or risky. Instead they are loving, intimate, and fulfilling. You're love life can be as exciting and thrilling as you make it. It is so much better to work at your relationship while you are young so you can build a strong foundation for all the years to come. Effort, love, and forgiveness in your relationship will continue to make it grow into what you always dreamed it would be. Spending forever with your spouse, is what happiness is all about! xoxo ♥