11 November 2011

I'm back!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for such a long time.  I have been busy trying to make new products, get my name out there, and slaving away on our back yard!

I'm happy to say I have had a chance to do a little bit of my Tickled in Love stuff and a lot of the backyard stuff.  lol

I am excited to tell you that I am having the best love contest around.  I am trying to spread the love this season by having a drawing for friends referrals.  The more friends you refer the bigger and better your chances are in the drawings.  Find out more info about the drawing and gift baskets at Tickled in Love on facebook.  The drawing will take place a week or so before Christmas.  Just in time to celebrate in all sorts of sexy ways!  Remember it's easy to get involved all you gotta do is refer your friends.  Have them follow the blog, like the facebook page, or follow me on twitter.  Remind your friends to mention that you sent them so you can get points!

Spreading the word has been a little bit tougher then I thought so I've finally taken the plunge into 2011 and joined twitter.  If you've got an account make sure you find Tickled in Love and follow me!.

See, I have been busy!

So all of you that have hung in with me, even though I have been lame, I heart you guys!!!

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