28 November 2011

Do you tell???

I recently watched the new episode of Parenthood. Did you happen to see the last episode? If not I'll give a little background before posing a question. Two men work at a recording studio. One is married, and one is not. These men hire a beautiful young assistant. She dresses provocatively to work and tries to act seductive. The married man tells her that she doesn't need to dress that way to get attention. He reminds her that she's smart and has more to offer then just appearances. One night they are celebrating and drinking at work. Married guy offers to take her home. He walks her to her door and she throws herself on him and kisses him. So the question I pose is the one this married man asks the single guy. Do I tell my wife? The single guy says, "No, don't tell her, relieving your guilt by telling her is unfair to her and it will only make her feel bad about herself." Does this sound like sound advice? If this was your friend what advice would you give? If this was your husband would you want to know? If you are the married guy do you tell your wife? xoxo

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