12 November 2011

Outdoor Ice Skating

ok so I'm guessing no one likes outdoor dates in the winter time???  lol, I think I'm just going to have to get myself in the mood with some ideas.

Winter Date: Outdoor Ice Skating
Cost: Around $8-$12 per person, skate rental might be included
Perks: You'll get your cardio pumping.  Your man can hold you the whole night long.  Great idea for the whole family or a group date.

 I've never done this.  I'm always cold in the indoor rinks so going outside just seems too cold for me.  Then I see movies where outdoor skating looks like the way to go.  The scenery around the rink is always beautiful.  Everyone is bundled up in fluffy warm clothes.  People who skate outdoors are always in love or they are kids having a blast.  So this year I have already bought tickets, we are going to get a few friends to join us, and we are for sure bringing a hot drink.

Seriously I could use all the winter ideas you've got!  xoxo  ♥

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  1. So. Remember I said I've never done this....Well I finally did. Take a look at my Jan 7th post all about my fun daring moment!!!