13 November 2010

charms to treasure:

an anniversary tradition idea: give your spouse as many red roses as married years. each anniversary think of a creative way to deliver the roses. Continued below is an idea for an anniversary in the teens:  Place a stem tube of water on each rose. Arrange with neighbors, friends, coworkers who live near you, even their parents to deliver a rose to your spouse on your anniversary. Spend the day before your anniversary delivering the roses. When the alarm goes off on the morning of your anniversary pull out rose #1 from under the bed and gave it to them. #2 and #3 they soon will get as they wake your children for school. All day long people will continue to show up at the door with a rose. Have the coworkers take their lunch break to deliver so they can be in on it. Upon coming home from work, bring the few left overs to complete the set. The cost will only be slightly more than usual, but the effect will be immeasurably greater. xoxo

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