26 March 2010

it's boutique time

we are finally doing our boutique...i have been excitedly anticipating this weekend.  check out our cheeky boutique blog to take a peek at all of our fun stuff. http://cheekyboutique.blogspot.com/

i finally have a few pictures of some of my crafts.  These are a few samples of the things that i sell.  soon i will be setting up my etsy shop and will give you all more details!!!

this is just one of the games...this is a box that's full of hearts for you to fill out with sweet nothings.  

edible body sugar shimmers and frostings.  the shimmers come in three flavors and the frostings come in two flavors.  this will bring color to your love life. 

you can't miss out on these ticklers!  they are so whimsical and darling.  the feel amazing when lightly stroked over arms, legs, back, and so on.  Your loved one will be begging for more tickle time!

i also sell scentsy.  the prices have gone down a bit, which is exciting news!  we have some adorable new warmers, like blynkyn, and some new mid sizes available. we have in some tantalizing new scents like blueberry cheesecake, plum delicious, havana cabana, and sugar, which are selling quick.  i've only got a few left.  of course i can order more but for those of you who like immediate satisfaction you'll need to stop by soon!  


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