11 June 2010

Summer Time

All the kids are home and you're both running here and there to meet all of summers demands like the pool, camping, sleep overs, and the such. So when are you finding time for just the two of you??? I wonder how you find time when you're being pulled here and there. i know some of you have special time just for the two of you. i know most of us have great ideas but we just never find the time to follow through with them. So help a girl out and share some of your romantic outings or ideas with us!!!

I'll start with an idea I thought of when summer was teasing us a few months ago. Was walking through Costco and came across two water soakers. We don't have kids but I was sure I could find a good use for these. Then the weather got cold and we've been stuck inside until just recently. So my idea is to take our guns to a field that has a few trees and obstacles to get in our way. Set up a playing zone. Fill up one gun with red water and the other with blue. Get us both dressed up in grubbies and a white shirt. Let the whistle blow and run as fast as I can before he shots me. I would love to play paint ball but I'm a wimp so I think this will work just as great! Now i just need to find an area to play!!!

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