22 October 2012

01. Romantic Night In

Do you ever find yourself giving your honey a gift that is for the two of you? I do this all the time and my hubby loves it. It's a great way to say "I love us!" Sometimes I find myself a little unsure of what to get so this little section is for those of you who are just like me and need a little gift help. PS you don't need to buy all these gifts you can just collect things you have at home and wrap it up all pretty like.

Wrapped Up With Love

01. Romantic Night In

*Cocoa Body Butter Massage Lotion (You'll need a warmer to warm this)
*Tickler, Boa, or Feathers

Gather all items together and place them in a cute gift basket. Invest in a good basket that you could use for all your future "because I love us" gift sets.

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