24 December 2012

04. New Beginnings

 Wrapped Up With Love

04.  New Beginnings

New Years is right around the corner so start it off right with a basket that will help the two of you connect, grow as a couple, and improve together. 

* Marriage Self Help Book

* Work Out Video or Jump Rope or Pass to a Gym

* Healthy collection of recipes

* Pick one recipe from collection and place recipe items in the basket to cook together.

* Goal Sheet  (Set goals together as a couple.  Reach new levels of achievement through the year.)

(Our Love Dates)

* Our Love Dates by Tickled In Love (Romantic Dry Erase Calendar Planner for Couples:  his and her slots to place prepared love notes and coupons.   A year of: dates, blissful tips, sex tips, and weekly challenges.)

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