03 December 2012

03. Naughty Stockings

 Wrapped Up With Love

03.  Naughty Stockings

* Naughty or Sex or Romantic Coupons

* lubricant (Albolene or Eros are good choices)

* Candles

* Desserts On Me Edible Treats

* Restraints

* Naughty Games From Tickled In Love 

* Lingerie

* Grown Up Toy

* Kisstixx Lip Balms

Bring a little naughtiness into your Christmas traditions by filling each others stockings with naughty things, without the other one seeing. Sometimes it's better being on the naughty list then on the nice list when it comes to romance.  Of course your spouse would love a naughty gift from Tickled In Love.  Let me do all the work and you get all the rewards!

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