28 March 2013

01. Share Your Fantasies

Sex begins in the brain!  We all know this is true!  So why aren't more of us fantasizing with our partners?  Maybe it's because we are hesitant, unsure if our partners want to join in, or we don't know how to start.  Don't turn away from the idea just because you are a little shy, there is good reason to fantasize!   Fantasy, whether it just stays in your brain, it's talked about with your spouse, or it's acted out (yippie!), is a simple way to rekindle that flame and add a ton of spice to your bedroom life!  Best of all it's fun, easy, and free!!!

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01.  Share Your Fantasies

So it seems that many couples find themselves wondering what they can do to initiate fantasies without feeling silly. The first thing the two of you need is confidence, trust, and an open communication space.  You're together because you love each other inside and out. He wants your body as much as you want his.  So there's nothing to be shy about!

The second thing you need is to share your fantasies. This talk should happen out of the blue like maybe after dinner one night. Start off the conversation with a few compliments: "I love you and I really love the sex that we have," or "I want to make love with you more often because I love it." or "I would like to try role-playing, can we share our fantasies," Then say, "What types of fantasies would you be interested in trying?" Give your spouse a day to think of some ideas.

The next night during dinner ask specific questions and share your answers to these questions as well: What types of fantasies interest you?  Let them know that you really like sex and you have enjoyed these aspects of sex together (point out things that you've done together that you want to continue to include in your fantasies) and follow it up with a steamy sex session you had that included one of those points. Discover fantasies that you are both interested in and make a plan to fulfill them. 

I know that was a lot of information but I wanted to give you some specifics. If you are like me the more specific the details the more direction I have! You will be glad you have this talk because now both of you have a road map of your each other's fantasy world, their likes and dislikes. You will know what direction you should take when role-playing. This should give you confidence in getting started. So what are you waiting for, go get fantasizing!!!

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