01 March 2013

06. No More Pajamas

Bringing Sexy Back

06.  No More Pajamas

I've mentioned this before and I'm sure to mention it over and over again...It's not ok to let yourself go once you get married!!! Men and women are equally guilty of this. Just because you snagged your spouse it doesn't mean they no longer care about what you look like. They love you for what you are on the inside as well as what you are on the outside. If you feel it's ok to let yourself go you will find that this is a one-way ticket to problems with your sex life. If you become aloof and no longer make the effort to be attractive for your spouse, they could become disinterested in having sex with you. 

 Keep your sex life steamy by maintaining or improving your looks. So this means no more flannel pajamas in bed! When you slip into bed wear something that she thinks you look sexy in. To her you could be sexy in that T-shirt she loves to see you wear and snuggle up to you in, your tight briefs that show off your bum, or nothing at all! This advice goes for the wife as well. Wear what he thinks you look sexy in. Don't be caught dead going to bed covered up from head to toe. Hopefully this will encourage each of you to put some imagination into your sleepwear! 

Now don't get discouraged if you don't look like Barbie or Ken!  Your spouse is only asking that you try your best to take care of yourself. If you are constantly worried about needing to look perfect at all times take a peek at this little tip --> You Deserve Good Sex.

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