29 March 2013

01. Get Gussied Up

Please tell me you are enjoying these new sections!!!  I'm hoping you are all jumping for joy because I've got a new section coming your way.  

Date night is fun, exciting, bonding, rejuvenating, and so many other wonderful verbs!  One important thing about date night is feeling sexy.  You can't leave home without the sexy or date night turns out flat.  Spice things up with Frisky Business.  It's time to bring sexy back into date night!  Stick around and you'll learn a few tips on how to get those ooey gooey feelings stirring!

Frisky Business

01. Get Gussied Up

The best medicine to feeling instantly sexy is dressing in something that makes you feel beautiful darling, just beautiful! Getting gussied up will make you feel beautiful inside and out.  When the two of you are looking good and smelling good it increases your value, confidence, mood, and sexiness.  Not only will you feel hot but you will think your partner is smashing and this will kick date night up a notch or two!  

Some of you might need a few more tips than just dressing up.  If so, take a peek at Bringing Sexy Back to help you get in the mood!

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