26 March 2013

01. Initiate, Initiate, Initiate

Have you jumped on the Sexting wagon yet?  If so, you've captured the beauty of it!  If not, it's time to get started!!!  

Sexting is like phone sex but instead of getting physical you type, send pictures, and imagine your honey being with you!   It's way efficient and a sexy form of foreplay.  It's a great way for couples to create a little tension, keep things interesting, keep them anticipating, and try out new concepts. 

Of course there are a few rules: start slowly, beware of boundaries and respect them, tune into cues from your sweetheart, and make sure you enjoy it!  Ok, I'll be the first to say sexting is silly, but aren't most sexual acts?  Once you get started you are going to be hooked because it is a great way to be playful, relieve sexual tension, spice things up, and long for each other all day! 

This new little section is going to help spark some sexting ideas for girls and guys.  I'm not letting anyone miss out on learning a trick or two!  The idea is to give you sexting tips such as sexts to use and tips for photo ideas.  For you sexting pro's, don't run away, you might just learn something too!  Feel free to share your great ideas with us too!!!

Sext It Up  

01.  Initiate, Initiate, Initiate

First, take a few deep breaths and build up just a tiny bit of courage.  You are thinking this is going to be a lot harder then it actually is.  This first step is going to be the easiest!  Now you're asking, "How are you going to make this easy?"  You've already slept with your spouse right?  Now think about the last time you had amazing sex.  Some of you might be drawing a blank because you can't remember that far back (I hope this is only true for a few of you!!!), then think about something you enjoyed about the last time you had sex.  

Sext #1:  I can't stop thinking about____________________ (the last time the two of you had amazing, enjoyable, or plain old sex) !

Now give them a chance to respond.  Hopefully they will say something like oh me too.  Then you follow with #2. 

Sext #2: Ohhh, especially ________________ (be specific, mention something you loved).

From this point on just let the conversation flow.  Bring up specific things you want to do again and when you want to do it!

See that wasn't so hard, right?  A little SOMETHIN', SOMETHIN' (*wink) as simple as this will get the ball rolling.   If you've got tips to break the ice, share them!!! 

Happy sexting you two!!! 

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