21 March 2013

01. Lovin' Bank

 Hoorah to new sections!!!  This new section will challenge you every month with a new idea, tip, suggestion, etc. and is going to make you challenge yourself, maybe at times even try something new.  We challenge ourselves in all sorts of areas of our lives, why not our sex life too?  

Sustaining a healthy sex life takes work especially when we are constantly bombarded with obstacles or busy schedules that get in the way.  Sex is an important component in successful relationships, it's what makes your marriage sparkle and shimmer.  Intimacy is a part of our relationship that we need to embrace completely! 

Most of us are searching for a magic pill that will increase our health, stamina, and happiness.  You know what's coming next, right?! Sex provides all of those benefits!  Take a moment and search the web, you will find study after study showing that couples who are regularly intimate are healthier, happier, and more satisfied. 

There is an old little story that says if you put a penny in a jar each time you have sex during the first year of a committed relationship, and then take a penny out each time you have sex after the first year, you will never empty the jar.  Isn't that sad and maybe a little unbelievable?  Yet, you and I know from talking with our friends this story is true more often then not.  

Today you are going to make this penny story a thing of the past in your life by taking these sex challenges, bringing back those early feelings of butterflies, animal attraction, and euphoric love.  

Stop giving yourself excuses, you don't have to experience a stress free day, wait for that perfect moment, or be totally relaxed in order to even think about sex.  In order to find those perfect moments, have sex, you'll discover those naturally releasing stress releasers and relaxants that come from having sex.  While you are having sex chemicals such as oxytocin, the love hormone, and vasopressin are released and increase the bond between a couple, relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and evoke feelings of contentment and security!

Now that all our excuses are put aside and we see the many benefits of "doing it," you're ready to jump right in and start todays challenge! 

Sex Challenges

01.  Lovin' Bank

Each time you have sex place a certain amount of money into a designated Lovin' Bank, you decide on the amount, it could be a penny, a dollar, or five dollars.  You decide how you want to celebrate your lovin' cash!   Save this money up for an anniversary, a vacation, a Christmas fund, a huge date night, or a new bedroom toy.

My one word of advice do not throw in "I Owe You's" into your bank.  Always have cash on hand for all your lucky moments! 

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