18 March 2013

05. Some Bunny Loves You

Wrapped Up With Love

05.  Some Bunny Loves You

Did you know Easter is in March this year, are you READY?  When we think of easter baskets we think of kids, right?!  This year give the two of you a basket to celebrate the special day!

We all know that bunnies are more than cute little furry things, they are symbols of sexuality thank you to Playboy!  This basket is going to make you feel yummy in more ways then one! 

1.  Purchase an alluring Sexy Bunny Costume or a Naughty Bunny Costume.

2. Grab a pair of Bunny Briefs

3.  Include a small bottle of honey, attach it to the lingerie, and tie a note around it. It could say, "You're my honey bunny."  

4.  Chocolate Dipped Peeps and Smore's Peeps

5.  Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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