07 April 2012

08. Peep Smores

Tickled Twist Celebrations

Bunny Tracks

08. Peep Smore's and Grown-Up Dipped Peeps

This is genius!  I saw these ideas on and decided I needed to make these!  So easy and yet adorable.

For the Dipped Peeps.  Dip in your favorite melted chocolate.  Dip into coconut of pastel colored sprinkles and voila!

For the Peep Smore's.  Crack a graham cracker in half.  Place a few squares of your favorite chocolate on top and then squish a cute little peep on top of that.  Squish peep and top with the other graham cracker.  Seriously too easy to be soo pretty!

A cute idea would be to place all these items into a basket for your honey.  Top the gift basket with a note saying treats are to be enjoyed by a fire cuddled up with their special bunny.

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