26 April 2012

01. Talk About It

Hot Baby Bumps

01.  Talk About It

How many of you expecting mothers and fathers find yourself on a downward sex spiral? The wife doesn't feel good or is very self conscious. The husband is worried about financial stress of a new baby and might not like all the changes in his wife's body. Pregnancy brings along many challenges but also brings along many highlights. Having a rich sexual life during pregnancy is possible if you two communicate. If you are unsure about sex during pregnancy ask your health care professional to discuss any issues you have concerns about. Once you have cleared up those issues make sure you two keep all lines of communication completely open. If you can talk about sex you will find it easier to talk about pregnancy issues too. For the wife, mention when you aren't feeling so hot. Let your spouse know that you need his compliments to feel sexy. For men, remind your wife of the reasons you love her from the inside out and give her a plethora of compliments so she will feel desired and wanted. Don't second guess each other and try imagine what your spouse is thinking. Just put it all out there. This will be sure to help after the baby arrives too! When you both are tired, attention is being pulled here and there, and there is no longer downtime available, sometimes all anyone needs to hear is "I love you and you are so hot, but I have spit up in places I can't even see. Maybe tomorrow before we crawl out of bed?" 

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