12 April 2012

Forever Honeymooning with Smitten By

Today I am teaming up with the ladies over at Smitten By.  I just had to share what they wrote about my post today...

WARNING: Today's post is HOT, Steamy & all about SEX! If you are sensitive to this subject...you SHOULD read this post! If you are the swinging from the chandelier, let's get this party started type...you SHOULD read this post! SEX is a huge part of marriage so why not make it fun for everyone involved right?! Michele over at Tickled In Love on facebook  is helping the ladies out with 15 tips to initiate sex along with a GIVEAWAY for a FOREVER Honeymoon package worth over $100. WaHooo! Head on over and enter to win!  

To grab your chance at winning this giveaway you need to:

1. Take a peek at my post with the girls at Smitten By <--- click here to go there directly
1. Follow my blog
2. Like my facebook page

How easy is that...Take a peek at what you could win!!!

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