21 April 2012

05. Remember When

Chase Him Down

05.  Remember When

We all know this game.  One of you mentions a past experience and then you both recall memories of that event.  For this tip we are adding a sex spin to it.  Play the remember when game but only bring up moments when you were having amazing sex.  The next time you are relaxing together say something like, "Remember when we were at the gym and we got risky, frisky, and hot."  Or mention a vacation when you didn't leave your hotel room until noon.  Sharing these memories will let him know that you are thinking of him in a sexual way.   Reminiscing together about these past sexual experiences will pave the way for a new sexy memory.  Not only will this initiate sex but will also support the fact that you're a strong couple with lasting experiences that have deepened your bond together. 

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