27 April 2012

07. Picnics and Starry Nights

Rushed Romance

07.  Picnics and Starry Nights

Hopefully your weather is better then ours!  We are having rain and wind storms.  So a date outside is probably out of the question unless we want to blow away or freeze!  Of course spring is known for storms so here's an indoor date for all of us who want to pretend we are outdoors.  Grab a few bags of glow in the dark stars.  Put them on the ceiling and walls of the room you plan to have your picnic in.  Keep the lights on for a few hours before and during your picnic.  Get a cute basket and put your picnic together.  Remember this is an easy and quick date idea so don't go crazy making all sorts of fancy stuff, unless you have time.  Lay down a blanket, collect a few pillows, and your picnic is ready!  After your picnic remember to turn out the lights and enjoy your night laying under the stars!

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