06 April 2012

06. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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06. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

The inspiration for this idea comes from The Red Thread.  I guess you can buy these ostrich eggs, painted and ready to write on for $35.00, if you'd like.  But who says you can't make your own???  I want these to last a really long time, like maybe the whole month of April and for years to come, to be hid around the house for April's forever.

So get some wood shaped eggs or parchment paper eggs, which is what I used.  Painting them with chalkboard paint.  Make sure to use two coats.   Make a nest if you like out of twine.  Then tie up your chalk with a cute ribbon with a sweet note.  Play tag with the eggs.  Each person that hides an egg writes a note on it.  Or you could start off by writing all your dirty notes on half of the eggs and leaving the other half for your spouse to write naughty things on for you.  This could be very fun as long as you get a little creative!!!

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